Compensation for those stranded: flight canceled - that applies

Unfortunately, flight cancellations are increasing - whether Easyjet or Lufthansa, a number of flights have been or are being cancelled.

Compensation for those stranded: flight canceled - that applies

Unfortunately, flight cancellations are increasing - whether Easyjet or Lufthansa, a number of flights have been or are being cancelled. Prevented passengers look into the tube. You can read about your rights here.

The airlines Easyjet, British Airways and KLM as well as the tour operator TUI made the start. She had canceled many flights around the Pentecost weekend. In the case of Easyjet, it was allegedly due to a software error, but also due to delays at the airports. Because, as with the other companies, there was probably a lack of staff to handle the passengers. Lufthansa and Eurowings are now also canceling hundreds of flights for the holiday month of July. They and the airport service providers also lack manpower. This is bitter for customers. So they should know their rights. Here you are:

compensation amount

In the case of short-term cancellations and delays of more than three hours, air travelers are often entitled to compensation. The amount depends on the flight distance: 250 euros for a maximum of 1500 kilometers, 400 euros for 1500 to 3500 kilometers and 600 euros for more than 3500 kilometers. A clear postponement of the flight - for example from morning to evening - is also legally to be evaluated as a cancellation.

Conditions and Exclusion Criteria

Customers are only entitled to compensation under EU law if the airline is responsible for the cancellation or delay. An airline does not have to pay if the problems are due to so-called extraordinary circumstances that they cannot influence. These include, for example, a failure of the IT systems at the airport and often storms and thunderstorms - but not technical problems with the aircraft. It often depends on the individual case. Disputes often end up in court.

The airline also does not have to pay if it has announced flight cancellations and major changes in flight times at least 14 days in advance. Then the customer can withdraw from the contract and get his money back. But there is no compensation.

Refund or alternative transportation

The airline is obliged to organize alternative transportation to the destination for the passengers or to reimburse the cost of the flight ticket. This also applies if the airline is not responsible for the flight cancellation. She has to look after and feed her stranded customers. If a hotel night is necessary, she will pay for it.


EU air passenger rights apply to all flights departing from the European Union. And they apply to all flights that land in the EU - but here with one condition: the airline must be based in the EU. Anyone who flies from New York to Frankfurt with a US airline, for example, will not receive any compensation in the event of a long delay. The other way around.

enforcement of rights

Airlines do not always pay, even though they are legally required to do so. They sometimes try to fob off or stall customers. Therefore, sometimes it can be difficult to get the money from the airline. Persistence pays off.

Consumer advocates advise contacting the airline directly first. And best of all to set a deadline. If the airline does not show understanding despite a justified claim, customers can contact the arbitration board for public transport (SÖP). An alternative are collection services, often called passenger rights portals. They sue the claims, but often collect high commissions for doing so. In addition, passengers can hire a lawyer and go to court.

Important for passengers

Regardless, passengers of non-cancelled flights are advised to be at the airport on time, especially during the holiday season. According to travel experts, it can be four or five hours instead of the usual two. In addition, if possible, luggage should be checked in the evening before and online check-in should also be used. Carry-on baggage should be reduced to the essentials in order to avoid long waiting times at security checks.

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