“Culturebox generation. The 20 talents to follow", on France 4: young artists take their first steps on the air

“What we like is real life, the breath of the dancers

“Culturebox generation. The 20 talents to follow", on France 4: young artists take their first steps on the air

“What we like is real life, the breath of the dancers. Daphné Bürki, co-host of 'Culturebox' with Raphäl Yem, sets the tone for this week's 'Generation Culturebox' special. Objective proposed to the viewer: to settle comfortably in his sofa to familiarize himself with the new French artistic scene and discover "the new faces who will make the cultural life of tomorrow".

They are thus twenty young artists embodying "current cultural diversity", invited to perform on stage, from all walks of life: dance, music, cinema, series, humor, fashion, literature and even comics. With one thing in common: for most of them, it will be their first television.

It's a bit of a tradition on "Culturebox", since its launch three years ago in order to compensate for the confinement, due to the pandemic, of cinemas, theaters, exhibitions... Since then, the channel has claimed "nearly 3,000 artists" welcomed.

Brigitte Bardot and krump dance

Le Monde was able to attend the recording of the first opus (out of the four broadcast from March 20 to 23) and discover the five artists who were given "the keys to their representation, and to the studio in general", specifies Daphné Bürki . Starting with Julia de Nunez, who reads a poem with emotion. This young actress is the new figure in the Bardot series, a biopic directed by Danièle and Christopher Thompson for France 2, in which she plays Brigitte Bardot from 15 to 25 years old.

Change of universe with Sheng, a Sino-Lebanese rapper, who deploys her vocal talents, alternating French and Mandarin to denounce violence, injustice and cowardice, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. Surprise again with Adeline Kerry Cruz, a barely 9-year-old hip-hop dancer, twirling in an extract from the show Silent Legacy, orchestrated by her mentor Jr Maddripp and choreographer Maud Le Pladec – her specialty is krump, dance from the Afro-American communities of Los Angeles.

Even more amazing are the Lodgerz, a duo of Breton brothers specializing in house and electro mixing, propelled onto the international scene by DJ Snake, who entrusted them with the first part of his concert at Les Vieilles Charrues on July 15, 2022, and Yaaster , "solar dandy" with an androgynous Bowie seventies look. "I'm taking you on a boat," said this "psychedelic pop pirate" taking the microphone.

One downside remains. These young talents have a lot to say about their history, their difficulties, the messages they want to convey through their art. But "CGlturebox" seems to have chosen to stay on the surface, the Bürki-Yem duo contenting themselves with silly questions such as "what is the emoji that best describes you?" ". To be continued…