Eurovision: concern for LaZarra, the candidate who represents France

A worrying cancellation

Eurovision: concern for LaZarra, the candidate who represents France

A worrying cancellation. As Le Parisien reports, this Saturday evening LaZarra, France's candidate for Eurovision 2023, was to perform in front of 5,000 people in Amsterdam as part of "Eurovision In Concert", a show bringing together the future candidates of the competition, which will have take place on May 13 in Liverpool.

However, the Montreal-born performer twice refused to take the stage, citing a "personal issue." This Sunday, the French Eurovision delegation announced on Twitter that LaZarra would also not be performing at the pre-concert scheduled for London on April 16.

La Zarra, who had to return to Paris, will not be able to perform at the London Party tonight, regrets not being able to meet his fans and apologizes. See you in Liverpool on May 13 ����

LaZarra is portrayed as "very weak emotionally" by those around her. The representative of France, who will obviously defend her title at Eurovision, confesses to consulting an ENT. “I lost my voice for 6 months. It's been better for three weeks. I have ups and downs in relation to the competition. Sometimes I tell myself that I'm going to win and other times that it's too much. But I'm here to do the best I can."

27 days before the final of Eurovision 2023, doubt runs through the ranks of the French delegation. What if France 2 was wrong? "I warned the channel that it was complicated to manage," recalls an old acquaintance of LaZarra. She even calls the singer a "diva". The Quebec artist openly complained about her hotel room reserved for the concert in Amsterdam. "I really love you madly because sleeping in a room that smells of mold when you have a voice as wonderful as mine..." she said on Instagram.

"The main thing is that she succeeds in the performances in Liverpool", tempers Benoit Blaszczyk, secretary of Eurofans. However, doubts are very present on the side of the French delegation. As a reminder, France has won Eurovision 5 times, the last tricolor victory dates from 1977.