Every fourth relationship suffers from Corona and the lockdown

Home office, lack of social activities, childcare at home: Corona and the rigorous measures have been affecting many areas of life for months. Also on our partnerships.

Every fourth relationship suffers from Corona and the lockdown

The first year of the pandemic has led to more relationship problems for around one in four couples. This is shown by a survey by the online dating agency Parship among around 1000 German citizens. Often much more time was spent together than before Corona - and this “couple's guarantee” was very stressful for every fourth couple (27 percent of men, 20 percent of women).

The Hamburg couple therapist Eric Hegmann sees the time as a burning glass for relationship problems: "Of course, many failed because of that." Corona and lockdowns even meant the end of love for every tenth relationship.

"Love needs closeness, but also freedom," says psychotherapist and book author Wolfgang Krüger from Berlin. If you live together, you can hardly avoid each other, disputes increase almost automatically.

Sufficient exercise, self-determination, pursuing your own goals and creativity are important. So you can use the time to write, paint or learn a foreign language. "Couples are better off when both have the feeling that they can respond creatively to the Corona period," says Krüger.

Many even manage to maintain relationships surprisingly well despite Corona, reports Krüger. This is also shown by the Parship survey: Almost half of those awarded have come closer (44 percent). And younger couples (18-29 years) in particular have had significantly more sex than usual during the pandemic.

Despite potential areas of tension in pandemic times, many liates are primarily happy and grateful to have someone by their side, says psychotherapist Kristina Schütz. "Very many perceive the partnership as a shelter and resource." But she also warns: "We have indications that there is more violence in partnerships."

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