Facts that will make you fall in love with Kerala

Kerala is one of the most important and, devoid of doubts, one of the most beautiful states in India.

Facts that will make you fall in love with Kerala

Kerala is one of the most important and, devoid of doubts, one of the most beautiful states in India. Awarded with the epithet“God’s own country” and recently been declared as “one of the ten paradises in the world,” by National Geographic channel, Kerala’s beauty is beyond anything that can be put in words. There is hardly any state in the world that has the best amalgamation of beaches and mountains, and if there are, Kerala has to be in the top of the list. With pristine beaches and stunning mountains, Kerala has the best of both worlds. There are countless places to visit in Kerala and each of them has its own beauty.

Apart from backwaters, splendid beaches, and mountains that are often talked about, Kerala has some facts that will pull your strings and you will be compelled to fall in love with this state. To explore Kerala, look for Kerala Holiday packages to avoid the last time rush. Here are some of the important and a few out of many facts listed. Read on to get intrigued:

·The land of Ayurveda

Today, almost half of the world knows and practices Ayurveda, but its origin was established in Kerala many years ago. The land of Ayurveda is still dedicated to its practices and one can find Ayurveda being the very part of the natives. Right from the beauty treatment to illness medicines, there is nothing that Ayurveda cannot treat or heal. This is the reason that many spas and massage parlours of the state have put Ayurveda therapies in their services.

·Second least corrupted state in India

At the present time when crimes have reached its peak in India and safety of common people is being sacrificed every moment, Kerala makes to the second number as the least corrupted state in India. So, go there, roam around the beautiful cities of the state and stay fearless.

·Hospital and banking is available in every village

While the majority of the country is tired of demanding basic facilities like hospital and banks, Kerala outstands all. Almost every single village in the state has hospital and banking facilities. Now, you know why the state is also the happiest one.

·The highest number of festivals

Well, India has always been named as the “Land of festivals,” for celebrating the highest numbers of festivals in the entire world, Kerala has to be the “State of festivals,” owing to the same reason. Kerala celebrates the highest number of festivals and you can be a part of anyone if you are visiting Kerala any time of a year.

·In possession of unique villages

Kerala has something unique to itself and that is some of the unique villages that will surprise you for sure. It has Kodhini Villages located in Malapuram district and the village is named as “Twin village” for having 6 times more twins than any other place in the entire world. There is Marottichal Village located in Thrissur district that has 70% of people playing chess.

So, these are some of the facts that will make your interest level to visit Kerala reach its peak. The state has its own glory that can only be witnessed by travelling there, and no books or movies can even describe half the beauty of Kerala, Yes, it is that beautiful!

Date Of Update: 13 June 2018, 11:29

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