First sighting of bat falcon in the U.S.

The Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, South Texas, was where the bird was seen. Fish and Wildlife Service.

First sighting of bat falcon in the U.S.

According to the U.S., a bat falcon was spotted for the very first time in America. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Although the bird was seen at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge in South Texas in December, the Fish and Wildlife Service shared photos on its Facebook page this past week.


The agency stated Tuesday in its post that anyone who can see the bat falcon is looking at it. "This is the first time a bat falcon was ever seen in the U.S."
According to refuge, the bird usually weighs between 4.8% and 8.5%.

Due to the "buff(cinnamon] throat and (chest bars) bars" of the one seen there, it is believed that this juvenile is being observed," refuge stated in its Facebook post.

It appears to be a male from the thickening of the tarsus, and the beak. The refuge was also added.


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