Fitzgibbons eyes Browse semis in California

Australian Sally Fitzgibbons is well-placed be eligible to the semi-finals of this World Surf League occasion in California after completing day two at third place in the man-made split at Surf Ranch at Lemoore.

Fitzgibbons eyes Browse semis in California

The special event format provides the best six girls the opportunity to increase their place with two additional incentive waves on Sunday, former excursion Fitzgibbons a strong series of creating the previous four.

Fellow Australian and seven-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore (13.86) ended agonisingly short of having bonus waves, only 0.01 points away sixth place in seventh.

For those semi-finals, every surfer rides four waves above two runs onto a left and break, together with the best on every side producing the surfer's score.

The best two surfers progress to the last.

Meanwhile, some motivated surfing by Australian Ethan Ewing (14.54) has left him with a prime chance to generate the eight-man semi-finals.

An outstanding bonus streak saw Ewing enhance on his score and jump to fourth, compelling 11-times world champion Kelly Slater beneath the semi-finals cut from the procedure.

"I feel quite good," said Ewing.

"It seems amazing to complete a left since I have been really struggling with this, it is really tough. Hopefully I can stay at the top eight, so it seems very great to be in the finals day"

Compatriot Owen Wright (14.27) can be within the cut .

Date Of Update: 20 June 2021, 15:59

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