From the Schmoll corner: Germany, you oh so wonderful cultural nation

If you want to understand the world insanely well, you simply have to "go into the depths", into the "layers of light".

From the Schmoll corner: Germany, you oh so wonderful cultural nation

If you want to understand the world insanely well, you simply have to "go into the depths", into the "layers of light". Or you watch a show with Florian Silbereisen and his "stars". An awakening experience, as our columnist thinks he knows.

Dear audience, welcome to my latest outpouring of thoughts. If you can't follow me, don't worry - that happens to me again and again. After decades on earth, I'm still puzzled as to what has to do with my subconscious, this pig. Also: you wanted it that way, nobody forced you to click on the headline.

For a long time I thought about whether I, a person read as a man, should write as a woman today. Or as don't know exactly. It would be even more of a challenge for you to read a work by a person who would otherwise be read as a man, who suddenly writes as a woman or don't know exactly. That would increase my chances of finally winning an award, although of course the jury would only praise my artistic qualities and not who I am in this world. That does not matter. The main thing is that I am and will remain a very good person.

Stop it. I don't want to confuse you any further in these times of great madness. "Madness in Madrid: Hradecky saves a penalty after the final whistle," I read and think: madness! Does the poor goalkeeper now have to go to a psychiatric ward just because he is doing his job in the best possible way? If that were the case, I too would be ready for the slaps. In fact, I often think that I'm about to go crazy, which has nothing to do with my new rental expenses.

I use the words insane, crazy and insane more often than I used to, preferably reinforced by a total in front of it. If I received the award mentioned above, I would say: "I'm super excited about the award. It's crazy that the jury chose me." Then I would shave my hair and sing "Venceremos", which is why it would soon be on Twitter: "He sings badly." My defense attorneys then reply: "He's just crazy." And: "He won the award for writing and not for singing." Then comes Harry Welzer (editor's note: a sociologist who became conspicuous in "Anne Will" and other occasions) and complains that the 45 minutes of standing ovations for someone who is in favor of further arms deliveries to Ukraine and thus his part to "ethical overexertion" makes, were clearly too long.

You first have to come up with such an insanely intellectual-sounding phrase as "ethical overexertion". I can't do it. But I haven't studied either. I'm often amazed how eloquent others are anyway successfully suppressed, recently defended a book on Swiss television that Elke Heidenreich and Philipp Tingler found stupid, with the words that his opponents did not want to "go into the depths", into the "layers of light, where at the eighth light, this artificiality of the artificial intelligence, this great reset by Schwab, is summed up in such a way that one wants to overcome the human being with the superhuman, with the cyber human, which I have never read with such sharpness and accuracy".

He meant it seriously and not ironically. So before the Great Reset comes the big nonsense - and even makes it onto Swiss public television. Luckily we have the ARD, a guarantee for sharpness and accuracy. Recently I sat at the bedside of a person I like very much and watched a show with Florian Silbereisen with him on the first. Very do-gooder as I am, I endured almost two out of more than three hours and was able to get an idea of ​​the German cultural nation.

Mr. Silbereisen celebrated his hundredth "show" if I understood it correctly. Ross Anyway called it "madness". Mr. Silbereisen agreed with the assessment: "It's crazy." I don't know if the findings related to the money spent on such shows. Fees are not dependent on the market situation and heating costs. But that's also secondary or third-rate, because the "shows" obviously make millions of people happy. This must not be forgotten in the times of madness including depression.

In my opinion, the ARD fulfilled its information and educational mission here: all the “stars” of the “show” had the opportunity to contradict speculation about any relationship problems. That informs and educates. It is important for the national economy that the "stars" could advertise their CDs, tours and baking books ("Again great recipes from my grandmother") after 8 p.m., which public broadcasting is actually forbidden to do. But we like to turn a blind eye to the "stars" of a hundredth "show".

Mr. Silbereisen was progressive and included women. So in language and not in a room or prison. He always said "spectators" to avoid a shitstorm. Harry Welzer had nothing to complain about, because there weren't really any standing ovations, as everyone was in the audience. People of Color were also allowed to take part. When Andy Sowieso sang "I'm coming back to Amarillo," a chorus of black people added a "Schalalala," which I found more demeaning to people than the name "Mohrenstrasse." White people sing hits. The fact that nobody got upset was probably because the defenders of those affected were at anti-racist readings in Prenzlauer Berg on Saturday evening and did not watch Mr. Silbereisen's hundredth "show".

Mr. Silbereisen asked the "stars" questions from "spectators" that move the nation. You are now thinking: Will I still be able to pay my rent tomorrow? Will Kremlin plasters detonate a nuclear bomb? Does Franz Liszt's Sonata in B minor have a programmatic character? And why wasn't Van Gogh recognized during his lifetime as the genius he undoubtedly was? No, someone wanted to know from a "star" how he manages to look so good despite his age. Despite his "star" existence, he presented himself as an incredibly normal person: "I look normal, I sleep well. I eat well – and that's it. I'm not vain at all. If you think I'm standing long in front of the mirror - everything is wrong."

There was talk of a "surprise guest" for Mr. Silbereisen. A "star" had a "hint" that she was "a singer". Herr Silbereisen said: "It's a singer." Thomas Anyway said: "It's a singer." A "star-in" (woman) said: "So female". Ross Anyhow said, "So female." Thomas Anyway said: "Yes, the singer is female." The "Star-in" said: "We have a female artist on stage right away."

That was perfect entertainment that put Schwab's reset in a new light. The "surprise guest" was Nena, the one with the 99 balloons. She sang a song. "I think this song gives us all hope at this time in which we live," said Mr. Silbereisen and could not have meant me. The song gave me nothing. Ms. Nena said that "we don't need so much hope, but inner strength that we all have within us". So it's that simple. Then Mrs. Nena spoke of "challenging times", which sounded like a special operation. In "shows" it is better not to talk about war, nuclear bombs, corona and fear.

Ms. Nena didn't want to "do much advertising" for her concerts - "although, why not?" As a thank you, she gave Mr. Silbereisen a scarf. He indicated a return service, which Ms. Nena apparently considers unnecessary. "It's all in balance ." Super. Then on to the 101st "Show"!

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