From the Schmoll corner: "Off! Off! Germany is moral world champion"

In terms of sport, things aren't going so well yet, but we've already secured the title at the morale and double standard world championships.

From the Schmoll corner: "Off! Off! Germany is moral world champion"

In terms of sport, things aren't going so well yet, but we've already secured the title at the morale and double standard world championships. However, Schizo-Infantino also makes it very easy for us. He gives steep passes that not only Nancy Faeser uses to score. However, a visit to Berlin-Neukölln is still pending.

Isn't it wonderfully diverse, this World Cup? All the players, referees and spectators from all women's countries and all skin colors and important religions - really great. Followers celebrate their teams exuberantly. The World Cup is a haven of diversity - apart from the few culture-appropriate fans wearing mock Native American headdresses - that's to be loved. There are even women among the referees, even if they are only allowed to hold up number boards on the sidelines - not nearly as sexually stimulating as in boxing - so that the players and those who have not yet played know whether they are being substituted on or substituted on.

Among the players there may even be gays who will come out later - because too early is dangerous for your career and forces other teams to wear one-love bandages, which the World Football Association under Gianni Infantino, an openly schizophrenic Swiss, the dictators offers the forehead to kiss, finds stupid. He is against "football being dragged into any ideological or political struggle there is." Of course, as a general rule: "At FIFA we try to respect all opinions and beliefs without giving moral lessons to the rest of the world."

The attempts succeed above all when they use autocrats. You can do that with a multiple personality like Infantino, against even Jekyll

Qatar will be the best World Cup ever - if you find the right scale, the right words and the right armband. Anyway, I'm one of the good guys. As I write this, I burn my Adidas slippers and tape my foot to my Chinese television - this is how I demonstrate against Qatar and China and exploitation and for climate protection at the same time. I look in protest at the ongoing World Cup game with one eye and proudly at my One Love armband with the other. Because you know: I love, I love everyone, everyone. I love it - I'm committed to it.

I, a very do-gooder, don't drink Coca Cola or Budweiser anymore - what I mean is American rubbish and not first-class Czech Budvar. To this I sing: "There is no beer in Qatar. That's why I'm not going to Qatar." Even if the thirst just doesn't go away from the one love padding protest. I don't fly with Qatar Airways - never have. I no longer use Adidas shoes - see above.

And from now on I will only go to Rewe, this excellent supermarket chain that upholds human rights and - what courage! - terminated an expiring sponsorship contract with the DFB "prematurely" a few weeks before it expired in order to set an example. "We stand for diversity - and football is diversity, too," explains Rewe boss Lionel Souque. "FIFA's scandalous stance is totally unacceptable to me as the CEO of a diverse company and as a football fan." I understand that well. After all, the group wants immigrants to continue to clear shelves and sit at the checkout for little money. Can we still call Rewe a retail giant or do we have to say retail giant now so that women gain recognition? I would be all for it.

Rewe should be an example to teams like Serbia and Poland, who didn't even consider wearing a One Love armband like Germany, England, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Wales and Denmark did. But evil, evil FIFA has been threatening, with countries stating: "As national federations we cannot ask our players to risk sporting sanctions including yellow cards, so we have asked the captains not to wear the armbands at the World Cup. " So the love for One Love doesn't go that far after all.

However, before the defeat against Japan, the players of the German team covered their mouths with their hands, which was a "strong signal" in this country. The German team showed morale in the fight for the armband, Japan showed morale after going behind. Victory for Japan, victory for Germany as moral world champion. The game can therefore be considered a draw.

The "strong signal" goes well with the other behavior of the German players, who, as is well known, rarely or never express themselves politically. FC Bayern Munich loves Qatar, as everyone knows. Have Thomas Müller and Manuel Neuer ever publicly given a flaming speech against Qatar Airways' sponsorship? Is not known to me. Taking cash from Qatar Airways and then wearing One Love pads in Qatar - long live the double standard. ARD and ZDF certainly didn't buy the broadcasting rights for ultramillions to show the games, but to shed light on the human rights situation - long live the double standards.

A ZDF reporter elicited the words from the Qatari World Cup ambassador, Khalid Salman, that homosexuality is "damage in the mind", which can be translated as "mental" or loosely as "roof damage". He called homosexuals "haram", which means "forbidden" according to the rules of the Koran. That! Goes! So! NOT! Of course it doesn't work that way. But just to remind you: Qatar is a monarchy with Sharia as the main legislative document.

Go to Berlin-Neukölln and talk to people from the Arab community about what they think about homosexuals. You know, this is the so-called hotspot district where the left would like to ban raids on sisha bars as "racial profiling". It may well be that one or the other clan member slanders badly about gays and lesbians with reference to the Sharia. Whoever refers to it risks getting the Nazi mace overcooked. Long live the double standard!

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser bravely wore a One Love armband in Qatar. She certainly has a visit to Berlin-Neukölln in her diary. And if someone there says that gays supposedly have a "mental defect"? If she's not allowed to scold, she has to cuddle and cuddle, because otherwise Twitter says: Faeser is Islamophobic.

Then it would be better to wrap the One Love bandage around your sleeve again in Qatar and secure points at the Morality and Double Morality World Cup and train immediately for the 2026 World Cup in the USA after the win - it may be that Donald Trump then again is president. There is much to do for moralists. I will be there again.

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