From the Schmoll corner: where does the dog of normal Otto Reich citizens shit?

The madness has created a whole parallel universe that makes an average Joe stunned and helpless.

From the Schmoll corner: where does the dog of normal Otto Reich citizens shit?

The madness has created a whole parallel universe that makes an average Joe stunned and helpless. Now one shouldn't even make fun of Otto-Normal-Reichsbürger because they are dangerous. But is that even possible?

The lunatic calls himself Royal Highness, Prince, Chancellor of the German Empire's government-in-exile, Prince zu Romkerhall of the House of Hanover and of the House of Windsor, which would have entitled him to the throne of the United Kingdom, but was recently proven to have been passed over when the Queen died has been, which one can regret, because the British could then not only laugh or scoff at Meghan and Harry, but also at the lunatic from Germany. Because the lunatic talks a lot of ludicrous things.

When the "Heute Show" visited him in 2016, he declared Angela Merkel to be the biological daughter of Helmut Kohl. And otherwise? "She's nothing. She's only been trained by the Stasi how to torment people, how to kidnap children, how to kill people. And and and." So the lunatic said what can be read on relevant sites on the Internet. Then the Reich Chancellor of the German Reich's government-in-exile informed the subservient television people about his contacts with the Aldebarans and their habit that "they always want to team up with the strongest and best-educated leadership country here on earth, coincidentally with Adolf Hitler back then". So that's how it was.

Aldebaran is the brightest star in Taurus, 65 light-years from Earth. According to NASA, a light year is about 9.5 trillion kilometers. Luckily Hitler didn't get very far with his rocket program - and it will be a few more years before man can reach such far-reaching goals in the universe, because so far nobody can really say where the energy for the drive and the necessary speed should come from, to visit celestial bodies many light years away like the Aldebaran. But somehow it is laborious and, above all, pointless to counter all the nonsense with facts, science and rationality - insight is not to be expected anyway, not even a pause.

Month after month we discuss what satire is (still) allowed to do and what isn't. The reality is a bit further. She can do everything - and is even funnier. In addition, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between truth and fiction. "Der Postillon" has been publishing "honest news, independently, quickly, since 1845" and openly admits to its fake news: Everything it says there is "satire and therefore brazenly a lie".

In the spring of 2016, one of the portal's "honest messages" under the headline "AfD in truth a fake party founded by Merkel to calm the people" said: "Critical and concerned citizens should be brought together in a party that is fully under the control of Merkel and Co. As a result, the AfD can immediately switch to the unalterable course of the single parties as soon as it is actually in power."

crazy, right? You can't believe that nonsense. The above-mentioned Chancellor of the German Reich's government in exile, however, read from the "honest message" of the "Postillon" when he visited the "Heute Show": "It is very clear here that the AfD, as a rescue party, is supported by none other than Mrs. Merkel herself was founded", namely "in the event that the CDU and CSU start slipping, so that they remain at the top". Pretty clever, mom.

The lying press, which has been brought into line, hasn't reported on it - what's the point? It's a fake. Nevertheless, the forged AfD founding document with Merkel's alleged signature has been making the rounds on the Internet ever since. "Peace, freedom, no dictatorship" shouters and sympathizers of the alternative for crazy people, who are for "Germany. But normal" make sure of that.

Do you still remember when Imperial Empress Tamara, the Queen of the Crazy, announced the end of the BRD GmbH in late summer 2020, just before walking up the stairs of the Reichstag? "We won," she said, and had even more good news because the Redeemer had come: "Trump is in Berlin." The residents of the BRD GmbH were happy and declared "that we want world peace and that we are fed up". Exactly in order. First world peace, then throw up. A few quick selfies on the stairs to capture the day that world history was made on Instagram. Now it's the same people who are cheering Russia, a country that doesn't care about world peace.

Germany. But normally. Not with the Chancellor of the German Reich's government-in-exile. He's really insane. When he was on trial a year ago, a psychiatric expert certified him paranoid traits. "He lives in a parallel world." parallel world? Is too short. It's a parallel universe, I would say, that leaves the average Joe stunned and helpless. Now you shouldn't even make fun of Otto-Normal Reichsbürger to take the edge off the madness because all the anti-Semitic princes and kings of this country are insanely dangerous, as we saw this week. But laughing is good. And how are you supposed to hold back when a woman from Saxony who doesn't pay tax for her dog declares: "My dog ​​shits on Reich territory and not in the city of Zwickau"?

When in Saxony-Anhalt a self-proclaimed king - there really is a lot in Germany - "the first free bank in Europe" opened, a gentleman from the public order office appeared at the opening ceremony - the scene was recorded in an RBB documentary film - who took his money from of the actually existing Federal Republic of Germany, and handed his Highness a form with reverential friendliness: "I would ask you from the bottom of my heart that you formally register your bank as a business."

The king of stupid investors didn't care because the German banking supervisory authority belongs to the BRD GmbH. He tore up the "registration form" with the sneering comment: "It's nice that you brought it to me personally." This is where arrogance and madness meet - and it really isn't funny.

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