Funding reform: You should know this for your renovation project

In the future there will be less money from the state for modernizing buildings.

Funding reform: You should know this for your renovation project

In the future there will be less money from the state for modernizing buildings. That should have a lasting effect on one or the other plan. What owners should consider.

Who else is going to check it out? As of today, the second funding reform stage for energy-efficient building refurbishment comes into force. From this point on, owners will have to dig deeper into their own pockets, for example to replace the heating system or retrofit thermal insulation - because the grants for almost all measures will drop by five to ten percentage points, and some will be eliminated entirely.

Those who want to modernize will find answers to important questions here:

Where can I find out about the amount of funding for my planned renovation measures?

If you are unsure what funding options you can still count on for the modernization of your property, you can, for example, contact the energy advice center of the consumer advice center free of charge. You can find the nearest advice center at www. Alternatively, the experts can also advise you online or by telephone.

There is also a subsidy check at the non-profit consulting company CO2-online. If you enter data about your property and the renovation projects there, various funding programs will be suggested that can be considered.

Anyone who does not yet know which renovation measures are even possible can seek advice from a so-called energy efficiency expert. You can find consultants at The information can incur costs, but up to 50 percent funding beckons here too. You can also use the CO2-online modernization check for a simple initial assessment.

Where do I have to apply for the funding?

Anyone planning individual modernization measures - such as replacing the heating system or renovating the building envelope - must apply for funding from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA).

Anyone who wants to renovate the entire building will receive funding in the form of a low-interest loan and a repayment grant from the KfW. However, the application for this is not submitted directly to the KfW, but to another credit institution of your choice, says Martin Brandis from the energy advice service of the consumer advice center. This then forwards the application to KfW.

When do I have to submit the application?

"In any case, before you start the measure," says Brandis. Because that is a requirement. Anyone who starts the renovation before submitting an application gambles away the grants.

Ideally, the application should therefore be submitted when the planning for the modernization measures has been completed and various offers have been made. "Because the funding amounts depend on the amount of the measure," says consumer advocate Brandis. Anyone who only estimates and thus underestimates the costs will end up unlucky and will not exhaust the maximum amount.

How long does it take to process the application?

According to Martin Brandis, a waiting period of two months or more is to be expected before the application is approved or rejected by the competent authority. But: The waiting time does not delay the project.

According to Brandis, builders can award the contract to the desired construction company immediately after the application has been submitted and start with the renovation. "It's not detrimental," he says.

When can I expect the money after approval?

BAFA grants for individual measures can only be expected after the construction work has been completed. And even then it could take a few weeks, says Brandis.

Because an important prerequisite for the grant is that the renovation technically meets the required criteria. For this purpose, a so-called proof of use must be kept - with the participation of the energy efficiency expert or the specialist company carrying out the work.

Brandis therefore advises owners who finance their renovation measures with a loan not to include the grants when taking out the loan. It is better to record the total amount so as not to get into trouble when paying the tradesman's bills. However, it is then clever to agree on corresponding special repayments with the lender so that the subsidy can flow directly into the repayment.

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