Garden Room FAQs - Top Questions Answered

The ultimate garden room FAQ, packed with essential insights for anyone considering improving their home with a garden room.

Garden Room FAQs - Top Questions Answered

Considering a garden room but concerned about the technicalities? From planning permission to boundary restrictions to heating options and more, the following FAQ covers the most common questions on garden home installation and ownership:

Do I Need Planning Permission?

It is comparatively rare for planning permission to be required, in order for a garden room to be installed. Planning permission must only be sought when installing structures beyond a certain size, or when the installation may cause issues for other homes in the vicinity.

If planning permission is required, your contractor will provide the help and support you need to obtain it ahead of time.

How Close Can My Garden Room Be To The Boundary Of My Garden?

Boundary requirements vary on the basis of the total interior floor space of the installation in question. This is how much space you need to ensure you leave, in order to comply with planning permission requirements:

  • Garden rooms up to 15m2 internal floor area - Minimum 0.5m from any boundary
  • Garden rooms over 15m2 to 30m2 - Minimum 1.0m from any boundary

If you have any concerns regarding the availability of space in your garden, ensure they are raised with your chosen contractor before ordering your garden room.

Do Garden Rooms Come With A Warranty?

Under no circumstances should a garden room be purchased in the absence of an extensive warranty. The minimum guarantee of 10 years should be offered as standard by any reputable contractor. It is also important to check carefully what the warranty and your garden room covers, in terms of repairs, component replacements, potential labour costs and so on.

Consult the seller’s published terms and conditions, in order to find out what you are covered against.

Can I Take My Garden Room With Me If I Relocate?

No - a garden room is a permanent structure that is designed to reside in a fixed location indefinitely. A high-quality garden room has the potential to last many decades, but is not designed to be dismantled and moved.

Where households choose to move their garden room, usually involving a crane and a transportations lorry, they do so entirely at their own risk. Attempting to move a fixed garden room will also immediately invalidate its warranty, and is therefore not recommended.

Is It Possible To Attach A Garden Room To A Home Like An Extension?

No - garden rooms are designed and engineered to be standalone structures, which cannot be connected to a property like a conventional extension. Doing so would compromise the safety and structural integrity of the garden room, and is therefore not an option. The next best thing would be to position your garden room as closely as possible to your home, for easy access.

During the initial inspection of your property, your contractor will provide their recommendations on where to position your garden room, and how close it can be installed to your home.

Can A Garden Room Be Used All Year Round?

Yes - high-quality garden rooms are insulated to maximise interior warmth and comfort throughout the colder months of the year. Most garden rooms are also available with optional heating and air conditioning systems, making them even more enjoyable places to spend time in winter.

Along with fully integrated heating systems, there is also the option of using portable appliances to heat a garden. Which, when combined with robust insulation, can be surprisingly effective and energy efficient.

What Do I Need To Do To Prepare The Installation Space In Advance?

You will only be asked to conduct the most basic housekeeping tasks around the site, before installation begins. For example, you may be asked to remove any existing trees, shrubs and plants, along with any structures on the site like sheds and greenhouses.

Upon request, your contractor will be able to help you find a suitable service provider to remove anything you are unable to remove yourself.

What Accessibility Requirements Do I Need To Be Aware Of?

It is essential to ensure that there is a clear and viable access route to the space where the garden room is to be installed. Many of the components involved in constructing a garden room are large in size (some up to 5m in length) and can cause logistical issues with some home and garden layouts.

This will be assessed in full by your installation team during your initial home design visit. However, the vast majority of homes and gardens pose no specific accessibility issues, enabling the installation to go ahead without delay.

Will My Garden Room Have An Electricity Supply?

Yes - all garden rooms come complete with a full electrics package, which can subsequently be connected to the mains electricity supply from your home. This is one of many aspects of a garden room that can be customised, in accordance with your preferences and requirements. For example, if the garden room is to be used as an office, you can choose where your electrical sockets are located.

If there are likely to be any issues connecting your garden room to your home’s main power supply, they will be raised by your contractor and discussed.

Does The External Cladding Need Any Maintenance?

External cladding manufactured from the highest quality timber brings the benefit of minimal long-term maintenance requirements.  Periodically, it may be necessary (or preferable) to add a coat of stain or treatment to your garden room’s external cladding. The frequency with which maintenance is required will be determined by the conditions your garden room is exposed to throughout the year.

Though in most cases, next to no maintenance is required to keep your cladding in pristine condition.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Garden Room?

From arriving on site to finishing the project, the installation of a garden room can take as little as five working days to complete. Turnaround times vary in accordance with the size and specifications of the garden room, along with the nature and location of the installation site.

An estimate will be provided by your contractor at the time of your initial consultation, which may be subject to change due to weather conditions or other eventualities.

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