Heat-free for employees?: Employers have to cool down

If it is too hot to work, there is no heat at school.

Heat-free for employees?: Employers have to cool down

If it is too hot to work, there is no heat at school. Employees do not benefit. But above a certain temperature, the employer must take action.

The sun is burning through the window on the desk, the air is oppressive and thick enough to cut through - concentrated work is hardly possible there. It shouldn't get warmer than 26 degrees in the office. The Stiftung Warentest refers to this with reference to the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA).

If the thermometer climbs above 26 degrees, the employer should intervene, and if it exceeds 30 degrees, he even has to. If nothing helps and the temperature in the office exceeds 35 degrees, the room is no longer suitable for working, according to the BAuA.

Just going home, but even then it's not allowed. Instead, employees should contact their superiors or the works council.

Heat protection measures on the part of the employer can be blinds or fans, for example. If there are dress codes, these can be relaxed. The limit here is always the possible harassment of the other employees, for example by clothing that is too revealing. If the temperature is successfully reduced, for example with an air conditioner, the dress code also remains in full force.

Bosses can also move work forward to cooler hours or provide chilled drinks. In any case, employers are obliged to ensure that their employees are not exposed to any health risks.

Devices also radiate heat, only what is really necessary should run here. Otherwise, the following applies to employees: drink a lot and regularly, avoid heavy food and - if possible - wear light, air-permeable clothing. They should also let cold water run over their wrists and forearms at the sink from time to time.

Of course, the heat limits do not apply to rooms where a certain temperature is required for operations, such as in a steel mill. However, if you have to work outdoors in the scorching sun, employers should protect you from UV radiation, for example with sunscreen, protective clothing or sun sails.

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