How to Take A Perfect Photo For A Dating Profile

Everybody knows that first impressions are crucial. In fact, it is usually the first seven seconds of meeting someone that determine the outcome

How to Take A Perfect Photo For A Dating Profile

Everybody knows that first impressions are crucial. In fact, it is usually the first seven seconds of meeting someone that determine the outcome. Nowadays, when people connect through social media more often than ever, a photo is worth a thousand words. We communicate, do our shopping, get an education and search for love online.

Dating websites and apps link us to millions of people instantly, increasing the chances of finding a soulmate. A good example is On a dating site, decisions are taken within split seconds. In the modern fast-paced world, we often swipe left or right depending on the photo, and study the profile information only afterward.

Five Rules For A Perfect Photo

Your profile photo is the first thing catching a person’s attention. Regardless of the accompanying text, a bad picture is detrimental. The task of finding a soulmate is demanding, and you need to make sure your picture is good enough. There are five main things to bear in mind, so follow these guidelines for a profile-friendly photo.

1. Think about your target

In dating, just like in marketing, the target audience determines the advertising content and vice versa. Hence, start by asking yourself who you want to attract, and what this kind of images they could appreciate. A man looking for a serious relationship should project qualities that women value in a potential husband, like seriousness and reliability. A woman in her underwear will probably attract men looking for a fling. Hence, make sure you create the impressions of someone mature enough to start a family.

2. Size and quality

Remember that nowadays a person will most probably view your pictures on the small screen of their smartphone. Hence, quality rules. Make sure your photos look good on any devices. It is a good idea to make a close-up headshot your main picture. Focus on creating a vivid first impression. A photo with a tiny you in front of the Egyptian pyramids will hardly do the trick. Most importantly, be consistent. One inappropriate bathroom shot among a dozen sleek photos may still be a deal-breaker for a woman. Men, on the other hand, are pretty visual and prefer full-length body shots of women displaying happiness. For them, happiness is often associated with femininity and low dominance, so look fun. 

3. Choose photos that spark conversations

Your profile must give an idea about your lifestyle. Women may use a bright color to stand out, but it is always good to show your favorite activities. Upload at least four pictures, each serving a special purpose and showing different facets of your personality. Include photos where you are doing something you enjoy or visiting a place you love. Seeing you involved in some exciting activity, such as skiing or horse-riding, will provide an ice-breaker. Interests and passions are rich topics for dialogue. If these images are full-length, they will also show what your body looks like.

4. Be honest

Choose recently taken shots. Overly flattering images or old pictures will only mislead the viewer, leading to unmet expectations and wasted time. This applies to both sexes. Of course, you may worry that fewer people will contact you, but when you are seeking true love, lying is no option. Airbrushing tiny imperfections may be excusable, but deliberate deception is not. Women may find it harder to accept, but who will enjoy a date with someone who looks nothing like their profile picture?

5. Hire a professional

If you take online dating seriously, you might consider spending some money on a professional photo shoot. Although men may still appreciate a few girl’s selfies, women are usually less excited about men’s selfie shots. Sleek professional photos are always best. For men, such pictures usually help to project a serious, business-like image, while women may attract attention with full-length photoshoots in creative settings.

These simple tips are crucial for success in online dating. Create the right impression to attract the right people. Remember to show the different positive sides of yourself and be honest. This is the best policy in a quest for true love.

Date Of Update: 25 November 2018, 15:07

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