Humans back at work? Gifts that help dogs handle anxiety

NEW YORK , A lot of the human-pet bonding that occurred during the pandemic has slowly ended as more offices reopen. So what can a lonely dog do?

Humans back at work? Gifts that help dogs handle anxiety

NEW YORK , A lot of the human-pet bonding that occurred during the pandemic has slowly ended as more offices reopen. So what can a lonely dog do?

It turns out that a lot is not enough. We don't mean an all day whine, messy rug delivery, or double-down on furniture destruction.

These are some gift ideas for the dog who is alone.

ROVER RECOMMENDATIONS - We asked, a large community of dog walkers and pet sitters, for their recommendations. To keep pets happy and relieve anxiety, treat-dispensing enrichment toys topped the list.

Paw5 Snuffle mat taps into dogs' instincts to forage, and uses their keen sense of smell. You can sprinkle treats or kibble on the mat to encourage your pet to root around. Machine washable $39.99 Available at Rover, Amazon, and other retailers.

Outward Hound offers a range of puzzle toys. To reduce boredom and discourage destructive behavior, Rover loves the Dog Hide N’ Slide. Slide compartments can be used to store treats. The toy is made of plastic and wood composite and does not have any removable parts. It also has a non-slip base. $24.99. You can purchase Rover, Amazon, and many other retailers.

Rover swears to the Smartpetlove Puppy designed especially for anxious pets. These plush puppies have battery-powered heartbeats that provide comfort. The heat pack is non-toxic and removable. The heat packs can be removed for machine washing, and the battery pack can be removed for disposal. $39.95 Available at PetSmart, Rover and many other places.

ON ETSY: This DIY marketplace has a wide range of pet gifts. JoyDogCat is a French star seller that sells handmade labradorite collars for dogs. According to the seller, Aventurine helps dogs overcome feelings of abandonment, "regain calm, inner peace" and labradorite boosts confidence. These collars look great but they are not meant to replace regular collars. There are many sizes available. Based on the size, they can cost from $33 to $58.

JoyDogCat displays a collar for dogs made from aventurine and labradorite beads. (JoyDogCat via AP).

BASZLEAustralia, a Brisbane-based Etsy seller, sells comfortable bolster beds that surround pets with soft, inviting luxury at an affordable price. These beds, made from cotton and fleece and priced between $19 and $41, are a great option to couch cuddling. These beds come in five sizes and eight colors.

PET CAMS THAT DO THINGS - They can be wirelessly positioned in various sizes and shapes to remotely monitor and engage pets. Some can give treats while others allow you to play light laser with your cat via the phone. Push notifications can be used to detect barking and motion. Some work in fixed positions while others roll around like robots. Two-way audio and night vision are available. Look around. Look around. There are always people who have something to say about these products. offers a wide range of brands, but there are many others. The Furbo FullHD Dog Treat Dispenser with Camera is one example. $199 For $6.99 per month, receive real-time alerts and dog-related video recordings. Highlights of your dog's daily activities are also available.

PET SOUNDS: There has been much written about the relaxing effects of music on dogs. However, researchers have argued for different genres. Some prefer classical music, while others prefer reggae and soft rock. Others believe that the idea is to match a dog's heartbeat to music. Some people believe music and moving images do not help dogs unless they are already a safety cue. Spotify has playlists and albums dedicated to the task. Amazon offers streaming, CD and DVD options.

Pet Acoustics sells a Bluetooth Speaker preloaded with 90 minutes music. This is a product that was developed by sound behaviorists to calm anxious canines and reduce stress. $59.99 The feline version is available for the same price. is your best choice.

THE THUNDERSHIRT The ThunderShirt provides gentle, consistent pressure to calm anxiety and fear. These are lightweight and machine washable. For long-term wear, it is crucial to fit properly. There are seven sizes available. The basic gray is available. However, sportier options are also available. Prices start at $39.95 for small and go up to $44.95 for large. Available on Amazon.

Tiny Tents. Tiny Tents via AP

DOG TENTS - If your four-legged gift receiver isn't in a crate, a dog tent might be able to provide comfort. There are many options, from teepee-style to fully canopied camping tents, to pick from. Some can be folded for storage, while others need real estate to store them. There is a size that fits every dog and cat. Dogs might need to be trained to use one. The PetnPurr Pet Teepee has a cute white top, matching thick shag cushions, and gray walls. $59.99 Available in a wide range of sizes. The collapsible Tiny Tent is available at REI in blue and green. It comes with two side doors and zippered mesh windows on each of the four walls. The price is only $24.95. On

THE KONG: The Kong rubber toys are a great gift for anyone who doesn't think too much about it. It is hollow and has an irregular shape for a fun bounce. To make it last longer, you can fill it with peanut butter, spray cheese or your favorite treats. There are many sizes available (important), as well as versions for power chewers, seniors, average chewers, and beginner chewers. They can be washed in the dishwasher and are available in a variety of colors. The Kong classic is available in red. Prices start at $7.99 for an extra small and go up to $24.99 for the XXL. Available in many sizes.

Updated Date: 10 November 2021, 12:05

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