Invited to a beach party: What should I wear?

You are invited to your best friend’s beach party, so before you think about

Invited to a beach party: What should I wear?

You are invited to your best friend’s beach party, so before you think about when you are going take a dip in the sea or the pool, you should bring your hat, a big bag, a pair of sunglasses and a floral swimsuit which are essential. You also want to look elegant in this casual style, so you need to think of some basic stuff In order to achieve that. The following tips will guide you in all the ways that will make you the queen of the beach.

Perfect swimsuit for a beach party

The vintage and mid-size swimsuits that remind us of the 50's like the one Marilyn Monroe used to wear are a great option. They can be found in floral or "fruity" designs, coral swimsuits with fringe, laces and prints which are the best suggestions for a beach party!Do not forget that the swimsuit is the most important outfit at the beach. Do not deny to make experiments, trying rare colors or with digital designs on them.

A summer shirt for the sun!

Protection from the sun may be the top issue of the summer. A long-sleeved shirt or a special fabric dress can save you from the sun's rays. It is advisable to choose fabrics of cotton, linen or lace to penetrate the refreshing breeze. You can also search for at a kjoler online shop in order to find a wider variety. If you wear a shirt, you should combine it with a white jean bag or white pants and wear a pair of fancy sandals too.

Wear hats in bright colors

A large hat in beautiful colors can offer you style and sun protection. These are accessories that are a must for the summer months, since a hat can take away the possible sun burning at the beach, while it transforms the morning look into something elegant.

Buy a floral dress

The flexibility of dresses up to the knee or ankle is the key to what will be worn at the beach party. Even if you're wearing your swimsuit, playing volleyball or swimming then you can wear an airy dress that will completely change your image. Even if it gets dirty from the sand or sea water, it will dry out very quickly. Combine it with a pair of metal sandals.

Take care of your hair

Hair braids and horsetail on your head will save you on the beach party. If you leave your hair free, it may seem hard to get straight again, because of the salt and the sun. You should not try to make a fancy hair style. You can also make a soft summer makeup and be elegant in two moves.

The extra accessories will make you look glamorous

Your swimsuit makes you feel sexier, but your sunglasses, your sea bag, your earrings and shoes offer you some extra comfort. Make sure everything is in harmony with each other and that you have not gone into excesses! Wear your modern glasses, flip-flops and place a flower in your hair and you're absolutely ready for a fun beach party.

Mix & match for a look at the beach or the pool

A colorful bikini fits perfectly with a pair of neutral jeans shorts, while a white swimsuit fits great with brown glasses, a pink bag and your pink all-stars too. You have to watch how to match the swimsuit with beach accessories so that your image looks balanced and does not confuse the eye.

The most important you need to wear for your appearance at a beach party is your wide smile and your confidence and joy for being there with all the people you love! Enjoy!

Date Of Update: 02 February 2018, 16:39

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