It all starts in June: ADAC bicycle breakdown assistance starts

The ADAC is increasingly dedicated to cyclists.

It all starts in June: ADAC bicycle breakdown assistance starts

The ADAC is increasingly dedicated to cyclists. After a test phase, Germany's largest automobile club is starting its nationwide breakdown service for cyclists so that they can get back on the saddle quickly after tire, chain, brake or battery problems.

Cycling is booming. Germany's largest automobile club, the ADAC, has also taken note of this and is responding by expanding its range of services for cyclists. Beginning June 1, members and their underage children who break down with a bicycle will receive free assistance. Because many of the members of the traffic club are also using their bicycles more and more frequently. Membership is available from 54 euros per year.

Cyclists in particular who are unable to continue riding with tire, chain, brake or battery problems are to be helped around the clock. If the repair is not possible on site, the helpers will organize transport to the nearest suitable workshop and, if necessary, take luggage or cargo with them. Requirement for assistance: The breakdown location is legally accessible for cars. The service applies to all bicycles, e-bikes, pedelecs and bicycle trailers.

"We are doing this to make membership in the ADAC more attractive. We want to continue to grow as the ADAC," said President Christian Reinicke. He has been in office for a year and has already made headlines with the request to leave the car at home and cycle to the bakery to save fuel.

Bicycle breakdown assistance has been available as a pilot project in Berlin and Brandenburg since July of last year. During the trial phase, around 400 cyclists were helped. The most common causes of breakdowns were flat tires. Problems with the chain, brakes and gears followed a long way behind. The repairs here usually took just under 40 minutes - twice as long as with a car, because the breakdown helpers were still gaining experience. To ensure that the new service runs as reliably and successfully as with a car, all breakdown helpers have been trained accordingly and their vehicles equipped accordingly.

Two other automobile clubs have long offered special services for cyclists. Since the beginning of last year, the Auto Club Europa (ACE) has been offering a cover letter for bicycles, e-bikes and pedelecs in its comfort tariff for EUR 88.70 per year. The Automobil-Club Verkehr (ACV) has been rushing to help with a bicycle protection letter since 2016. This is integrated into all existing and since created memberships. You can become a member of the ACV from 49 euros per year.