Joachim Jauer: Mourning for the "License D" moderator

Joachim Jauer is dead.

Joachim Jauer: Mourning for the "License D" moderator

Joachim Jauer is dead. The long-time ZDF correspondent and "Mark D" presenter died on Friday (July 29) at the age of 82. The broadcaster announced this in a press release. So far nothing is known about the cause of death.

"Joachim Jauer was the man who explained the East to the ZDF viewers," said ZDF editor-in-chief Dr. Peter Frey the deceased. For three decades, the native of Berlin reported "authentically, knowledgeably and from his own perspective" on the GDR, Central and Eastern Europe. He acted as a "bridge builder between East and West". "Describing and overcoming the division of Germany and Europe were the themes of his life, which he pursued passionately and with great vigor into old age," recalls Frey.

One television appearance is particularly memorable: On May 2, 1989, Joachim Jauer was the only West German correspondent to report on the dismantling of the border fortifications by Hungarian border troops. On that day he addressed the following words to the TV audience: "Today the forty-year division of Europe into East and West ends here. This will have unforeseeable consequences - for Europe, for the Germans in the Federal Republic and especially in the GDR. "

Jauer came to ZDF in 1965. From 1978 to 1982 he headed the station's office in the GDR. In 1982 he took over the editing of the magazine "Label D". Three years in the Bonn studio followed. He worked for another three years as head of the ZDF studio in Vienna and as correspondent for Eastern Europe. In 1990 he returned to "Mark D". In 1992, Jauer took over the management of the ZDF regional studio in Berlin. He held this position until 2002.

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