Kim Jong-un with a chapka in Vladivostok, this may be a detail for you…

<h2>Weapons and luggage</h2>Great atmosphere in Vladivostok

Kim Jong-un with a chapka in Vladivostok, this may be a detail for you…

Weapons and luggage

Great atmosphere in Vladivostok... On September 16, Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, completed a week of tourism across Russia in the far east. Accompanied by Sergei Shoigu, the Russian Defense Minister, he took the opportunity to examine the country's cutting-edge equipment, including a MiG-31 fighter and its Kinjal hypersonic missile system, then Tu-160 and Tu-95MS bombers. and Tu-22M3. The celebrations finally ended with a small meal and a joyful exchange of gifts.

Fawn the kiss

Kim Jong-un was given a chapka. But what fur is this one made of? Models made from rabbit or muskrat fur are legion. Those in fox, marten or sheep, more luxurious, are also widespread. The models provided to Russian soldiers are traditionally made from a synthetic material that the Russians derisively nickname “fish fur”. But, in all likelihood, this is a reindeer fawn fur chapka that Kim Jong-un is wearing. Called pijik, these models are worn by Russian leaders and the country's elites.


Clearly spoiled, Kim Jong-un also received a beautiful dagger that day, called a kinjal in Russia. These daggers and their scabbards, richly decorated with gold or silver designs, sometimes even encrusted with precious stones, have been used as a secondary weapon in Russia since Antiquity. But the symbolism of this gift goes further. From now on, the word “kinjal” is also used, as we have seen, in the military domain to designate a Russian hypersonic missile, the Kh-47M2 Kinjal. The latter is today widely used in the conflict with Ukraine, it goes without saying.

Star wars

Sergei Shoigu showed off a broad smile and an ample collection of decorations and military ranks. On his epaulette were a golden star and a red star surrounded by a laurel wreath which, since 2003, represent the rank of Shoigu, general of the army, the second highest in Russia. The highest level, the rank of marshal of the Russian Federation, has to date only been awarded to Igor Sergeyev, an officer who became minister of defense in 1997. On his epaulette, the emblem of Russia, the two-headed eagle, then replaced the red star. The height of chic.

Buzz Lightning

Since we are talking about military attire, let us finally note the presence in the background of a man in a t-shirt and zipped jacket. Let it go ? Nothing to see. Upon his appointment as Minister of Defense in 2012, Sergei Shoigu himself revolutionized the military's dress code to facilitate their freedom of movement and thus simplify their daily work. Jacket, shirt and tie were thus replaced by a simple zipped jacket and a t-shirt, for an obviously convincing result. Look how free and happy this man looks.