Ladiges is cooking: Poultry is now on the grill

Anyone who has tried grilling poultry will have had a bad experience.

Ladiges is cooking: Poultry is now on the grill

Anyone who has tried grilling poultry will have had a bad experience. Sometimes it's dry, sometimes it's still too raw and before grilling it should stay cold. But there is a simple solution to all these problems.

I would like to say cheers to the poultry today, because they are tasty and healthy. But it depends on the origin. In addition to the skinned chicken breast, which is our best-selling product, many exquisite products are also conquering our market. There are still many small farms that raise poularde in Bresse or geese that were allowed to lead a species-appropriate life in Dithmarschen.

It's summer now and we want to have a barbecue. But pork ribs are no longer all the rage. Today we will show you how to prepare poultry so that it can be served juicy and crispy from the grill.

(By the way, the term "Suprême" refers to a chicken breast that still has a skin and the wing bone)


Preheat the oven to exactly 80 degrees (bottom/top heat). If your oven's reading is too inaccurate for you, use an oven thermometer to determine the exact temperature. Pat dry and clean the chicken breasts. They should be at room temperature before going into the oven. Absolutely no salt or seasoning. Place the meat skin-side down on a sheet of baking paper and leave in the oven for 45 minutes.

After the poultry has cooled down again, it is marinated on a platter with a little olive oil, roughly chopped spices and pepper. Covered with foil, the meat now stays fresh for several days in the fridge and can even survive a barbecue evening without any hygiene concerns.

If you want to use other parts of the poultry, the rule of thumb is to pre-cook for 15 minutes per 100 grams. Chicken thighs should get a few snips down to the bone to get the same result.

Wash the spring onions, peel off the outermost skin and cut off the green part. Wash the pointed peppers and cut into rings. Remove the cores. Brush the vegetables with some olive oil.

When grilling, make sure that the skin of the chicken doesn't burn, but that it gets crispy. Grill the spring onions and peppers as well. Cut the meat into slices and place on a warm plate with the vegetables. By pre-cooking the meat, it remains juicy and already has an optimal core temperature.

Today's recipe is intended as a suggestion only. Use the pre-cooking technique to experiment with upcoming barbecues.

Marc Ladiges wishes you lots of fun

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