Mariah Carey's reaction to Nick Cannon's other children was the best

Carey appeared to be channeling her famous "I don’t know her” meme at the moment.

Mariah Carey's reaction to Nick Cannon's other children was the best

Carey spoke briefly about Cannon's five children and three other women during a Christmas interview on Entertainment Today Tuesday, November 23.

When Kevin Frazier asked her if Monroe and Moroccan Scott (10-year-old twins) would spend the holidays together, the singer responded, "Is that step?" It's not step. You don't have to be married to that person."

She laughed and continued, "I don’t know about that." "That's a completely different interview.

Cannon was married to Alyssa, a model, and became the father of his son Zen in June. Cannon welcomed his twin sons Zion (and Zillion) with DJ Abby De La Rosa a few weeks before. The "Wild N Out" star shares a four-year-old son, Golden with DJ Abby De La Rosa, and an 11-month-old girl, Powerfull queen with Brittany Bell.

Multiple times, Cannon made comments publicly about having four children within a span of seven months and having seven children with different women.

During a July appearance on Power 106 Los Angeles, the comedian said to JT and Yung Miami that he was having these children intentionally. "I don't have any accident!"

He said, "Trust me. There's a lot more people I could have gotten pregnant than I did." "The ones who got pregnant were the ones who were supposed to get pregnant. ... You live only once.

The following month, he made comments on monogamy during an appearance on The Breakfast Club's morning radio program. He personally considered it outdated.

He said that it was a Euro-centric idea to think about the notion of "like, you're supposed have this one person for your whole life." Later, he added, "I understand that institution of marriage but if you go back to what that is all about, that was property classification." One father gave his daughter to another man for land.
Carey and Cannon were together from 2008 to 2016. However, they decided to separate in 2014. They made an agreement to stay on good terms after their separation.

Cannon claims that Carey has been having a dispute with him since the twins' 10th birthday in April. He claimed that Carey was "mad" at him for buying cellphones for his children in an episode of his talkshow last week. Carey refuted the claim that he recalled his twins asking for cellphones when they were eight years old.

"And they have iPads, which I was all for. It's all my business. Mariah, however, was like "Uh-uh." They won't be Google-ing us. Nuh-uh. Learn about their new brothers, and sisters. He said, "No, we aren't playing."

Carey didn't agree to give their children phones when they were 10 years old, but Cannon "snucks" their phones at their birthday parties anyways.

He said, "It was the right time to open the presents, I was like, ‘I’m going to leave those right here, and tell my mama I’ll be back.’"

Although he claimed that his ex-wife was still mad at him for his surprise, he stood by his decision to get their phones.

Updated Date: 28 November 2021, 14:50

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