Two days after the attack on a 14-year-old girl in front of her college in Montpellier, the Minister of National Education, Nicole Belloubet, announced, Thursday April 4, the launch of an administrative investigation, saying she wanted “every know about what happened in the preceding weeks and months.” Ms. Belloubet said she would “give eight days of work” to this mission entrusted to inspectors general of her ministry, from which she will draw “all the consequences”.

“I can assure you that my arm will not shake,” she promised on BFM-TV. “Starting tomorrow [Friday], a general inspection will go on site for a flash mission. This mission will aim both to establish the reality of the facts and to establish responsibilities,” she detailed. “I will be able to take my responsibilities depending on what the general inspectorate decides,” added the minister.

“I want to know everything about what happened during the previous weeks and months in the establishment where Samara” was educated, “about what happened in the last hours in the school and outside the school. school. This is obviously crucial. We owe the truth to Samara, to the family and of course to our institution,” continued Nicole Belloubet.

“Threats of a religious nature” before the attack

The attack on the young girl occurred on Tuesday around 4 p.m. in front of the Arthur-Rimbaud college located in the Mosson (la Paillade) district, in the northwest of Montpellier. “Seriously injured”, Samara came out of the coma, announced Wednesday evening the Montpellier prosecutor’s office, which also announced that she was to be heard on Thursday. Three minors, aged 14 and 15 – at least one of whom was educated in the same establishment and admitted to “having hit”, according to the same source – were taken into police custody on Wednesday for attempted murder on minors under fifteen years of age.

The mother of the schoolgirl judged in the media that her daughter had previously been the victim of harassment, in particular by one of her classmates, evoking the hypothesis of a conflict around the practice of religion. “If there was harassment, again, we will see what needs to be decided in the next few days,” continued Ms. Belloubet.

The socialist deputy for Essonne, Jérôme Guedj, also announced on Thursday evening that he would contact the Montpellier prosecutor for “threats of a religious nature” which allegedly took place before the attack. “Justice has seized the attempted murder in Samara. But upstream, there were threats of a religious nature,” he explained on in particular that his daughter, of Muslim faith, was treated as a “kouffar”, which means “disbeliever” in Arabic, and a “kahba”, which means “whore”, and this because she “wears makeup” and “ dresses in the European way.”

“There is nothing which justifies that a young girl, a teenager, was thus attacked by several young people of her age,” for his part declared Thursday the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, questioned on the sidelines of the inauguration of the Olympic aquatic center, in Saint-Denis, in the Paris suburbs. “We are in the process of consolidating information. There is also justice work underway. So, I will be very careful at this stage not to qualify things,” he added.