Naked butler reveals all about his wealthy clients

Picture the scene – you’re in a locked toilet cubicle wearing nothing but a bow tie and an apron.Seconds from now you have to walk out and serve drinks to a gaggle of drunk hens who paw at your bum as you pour them jugs of Woo Woo.Could you do that for...

Naked butler reveals all about his wealthy clients

Picture the scene – you’re in a locked toilet cubicle wearing nothing but a bow tie and an apron.

Seconds from now you have to walk out and serve drinks to a gaggle of drunk hens who paw at your bum as you pour them jugs of Woo Woo.

Could you do that for a living? For Adam Mansouri the answer is “yes.”

The chiseled 24-year-old has made a career out of showcasing his toned, tattooed torso in nothing but a pinny and he has picked up more than a few stories along the way.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Adam revealed all – from the women whose hands can often wander to the group that tips the most.

He even reveals the handy secret code he and his butler friends use to signal that it’s time to find the nearest exit.

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, a ‘butler in the buff’ (the name of the first British company to offer the service) is usually naked.

But to protect their modesty, each lad wears an apron.

Some party organizers ask butlers to keep their pants ON – or wear special undies to suit the occasion.

The rules for the butlers are clear, keeping strict boundaries between them and the revelers they are hired to entertain.

Adam said: “You are not allowed to drink on site, you are not allowed to hang about and you are not allowed to socialize with the guests.”

Adam hints that some of his colleagues mix business with pleasure by flirting with the guests – but insists he behaves himself.

He said: “I’ve had a kiss but I’ve never done the dirty.”

And do the other guys go home with the girls after? “100 percent, yeah. The guys love it…you should hear the stories!”

The cute bow tie is a nod to legendary male stripper troupe the Chippendales, but Adam is not about to flash his bits if he can help it.

Of course, accidents do happen.

He laughs: “You have to remember at all times not to bend over – if anyone drops a straw, never bend down to pick it up.

“And never go upstairs in front of someone.”

Despite living by these vital rules, the buff lad has suffered the occasional wardrobe malfunction.

He said: “There was a boat party I was doing once in Sydney harbor on a huge yacht, with kitchen service downstairs with trays of canapes and a bar on the middle deck.

“I went down to collect a tray of food to serve and on my way up to the top deck I thought I’d grab a bottle of champagne to top up guests’ glasses. This was a stupid move.”

He explained: “What you don’t realize is when you get onto the top deck there’s always a gust of wind in a harbor.

“In one hand I had a tray of food, in the other a bottle of champagne – and suddenly my apron is covering nothing but my belly button.

“You can probably imagine that I was doing everything I could to cross my legs, but that didn’t work so I stood face first against the wall and tried to slowly bend to put the bottle of champagne down.

“The only problem was the wall was glass and on the other side of it was the main dance floor so I gave everyone a good show.”

He cheekily added: “I went round to every single guest telling them how cold it was.”

There is a “strictly hands off” policy but this can be hard to enforce as the drinks get flowing.

Tattooed Adam said: “You can’t be walking around a party with your a*** out and not expect a hand every now and then.

“You’ve got to keep them happy.”

It seems Australian women top Adam’s naughty list, with the Aussie gals always keen to push the boundaries.

He said: “In general in England the men make the first move but in Australia it’s the other way around.”

“So bring a naked butler in a room full of Australian women and it’s almost like having a pack of wolves around you.

“In Australia, every hen party I did, the brides-to-be always wanted to see one more [penis] before the big day.

“They would always give the same speech: ‘I’m never going to see another one again after this night’.”

He continued: “Sometimes towards the end of the night, when the drinks start getting involved, you do get tongues in earholes and slaps on arses and people asking for sex.

“But you’ve just got to know how to talk to people and explain that it’s a ‘strictly hands off policy’.”

However, Adam and his mates have a handy code for when things are getting out of hand.

He admits: “Me and my mate have always used the word ‘Zante’ for ‘everything’s good’ and ‘Mags’ – short for Magaluf – for ‘get the hell out of here’.”

If over-keen Aussie women are bottom of Adam’s list then it appears – despite being straight – parties hosted by gay men are near the top.

“The blokes I’ve worked for have been super respectful and they are very good with tipping,” he said.

“Tips on the job are kind of unheard of but at gay parties they will nearly always slip some sort of note into your front pocket.”

On the whole though, Adam doesn’t feel self-conscious stripping down and doesn’t consider the other butlers to be a threat explaining that some of the men who sign up aren’t in amazing shape but are “just normal”.

But Adam wasn’t always so confident strutting around nearly nude in front of a party of people.

Speaking about his first ever event he said: “Butterflies are the right word for it. The whole day I had butterflies.

“But once you get over the point of I’ve got my bum hanging out here, it’s not so bad.”

Adam first got into the cheeky profession when he was travelling in Australia and some friends recommended he gave it a go.

But what does his choice of profession mean for his love life?

Luckily for Adam he’s found a girlfriend who doesn’t take issue with his cheeky antics and he’s quick to add that they didn’t meet on a job.

He said: “The way she sees it is, when she met me I was a butler and I’m still a butler. When you trust someone you trust them at the end of the day.”

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