New support calculator: how much housing benefit can I get now?

On January 1st, the housing benefit was increased significantly.

New support calculator: how much housing benefit can I get now?

On January 1st, the housing benefit was increased significantly. This helps everyone who cannot bear their housing costs alone. A new calculator from the federal government shows whether there is an entitlement to support and how high the benefit could be.

The cost of living overwhelms some people. Tenants and owners should therefore seriously consider applying for housing benefit. However, according to the Institute of German Economics, only half of those entitled make an application at all, even though they are entitled to it. Maybe out of shame or ignorance. But the housing benefit is not handouts. Those who meet the legal requirements have a legal right to these payments.

On January 1st, the housing benefit was increased significantly, by an average of around 190 euros per month. The specific amount depends on income, rent and place of residence and varies greatly from person to person. The circle of those entitled is also being expanded. The housing allowance is to benefit around two million people instead of the previous 600,000. It is planned that a heating cost component will take into account the sharp increase in heating costs. In addition, there should be a subsidy that compensates for rent increases that have taken place as a result of energy-related renovations.

Housing benefit is paid as a rent subsidy for people who rent an apartment or room, or as a load subsidy for owners of an apartment or house. According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the subsidy supports, among other things, in coping with the costs of interest and repayment of a loan, with construction or modernization measures and with property tax. Only households that otherwise do not receive any support such as citizen income or basic security in old age benefit from state subsidies.

The Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Building has now made a new housing benefit calculator available on its website, which can be used to check in advance whether there is a claim to support and how much the benefit could be. The housing benefit calculator 2023 only serves as a first orientation. Only the competent housing benefit authority can provide legally binding information on a possible entitlement to housing benefit. Those interested can obtain application forms for housing benefit from the local housing benefit authority of the municipal, city, office or district administration. You can also get comprehensive advice there.

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(This article was first published on Monday, January 02, 2023.)