Not funny at all: This is the cheat pack of the month

Less in it, price the same - is called a deceptive package.

Not funny at all: This is the cheat pack of the month

Less in it, price the same - is called a deceptive package. This time, a manufacturer has not only reduced the filling quantities for one variety, not only for one brand, but for a large part of its range, as the Hamburg consumer center reveals. Snack fans have to be brave.

This month, the manufacturer Intersnack Deutschland SE has been awarded the title "Deceptive Pack of the Month" by the Hamburg Consumer Advice Center (VZHH) for numerous of its brands Funny-Frisch, Chio and Ültje. Because Intersnack has reduced the filling quantities of the packs for more than 30 snack items according to the less-inside-price-same principle. The hidden price increase is up to 25 percent.

According to research by the VZHH, the company has reduced the filling quantity of the "Hungarian" crisps fresh product from 175 to 150 grams for the Funny-Frisch brand, while the price has remained the same at 1.75 euros. Which corresponds to a hidden price increase of around 17 percent. Other varieties of the brand are also affected. For example, the large pack shrank from 250 to 215 grams for EUR 2.25 (hidden price increase of 16 percent) and the small pack from 50 to 40 grams (4-pack EUR 2.49, price increase of 25 percent).

The number of bags of Chio tortillas, for which the supplier is currently running an expensive American football campaign, has also shrunk from 125 to 110 grams - at a price that remains the same at 1.89 euros (price increase of 14 percent). The Ültje brand already reduced the peanuts per pack a few weeks ago. From 200 to 180 grams (1.99 euros). The hidden price increases are usually around 10 percent.

Intersnack responded in a statement to inquiries from consumer advocates as follows: "(...) Enormous cost increases have been taking place in all areas for several months. The prices for raw materials, including packaging and logistics, have risen immensely. In addition, there are continuously rising costs for energy , which particularly affect us as a manufacturer of energy-intensive, fried and baked products. Unfortunately, we have to assume that the cost increases will continue and even worsen. (...)"

Unfortunately, Intersnack does not specifically explain how high the cost increases are in which areas at the moment, the VZHH complains. This is because industrial companies normally conclude long-term contracts with their energy suppliers or suppliers in which they agree on fixed prices for a specific period of time.

In the case of chips, the consumer advice center has noticed a domino effect in the reduction in filling quantities. One company starts with the lucrative downsizing for retailers and manufacturers and the others follow. In the spring, they released Kellogg's Pringles, the first brand of chips with hidden price increases this year. The provider Lorenz Snack-World is also currently participating with the Crunchips brand. In April, the Lorenz Crunchips Roasted came first, then the Nicnac's and now other varieties are following, such as the Crunships Cheese

Consumers often have to be annoyed about hidden price increases. Assuming they discover them too. The VZHH offers the opportunity to draw attention to products with which customers are deceived in this way (less content for the same price). She then makes these products public and chooses them the deceptive pack of the month and of the year.

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