Öko-Test creams children: A sunscreen is "insufficient"

Putting sunscreen on children is about as much fun for parents as brushing their teeth.

Öko-Test creams children: A sunscreen is "insufficient"

Putting sunscreen on children is about as much fun for parents as brushing their teeth. All whining doesn't help - both must be. So that the torment then also offers the necessary protection, it is essential to pay attention to a suitable product when choosing the means.

Sunlight is vital for humans and nature, but it can also cause a lot of damage. However, the worst consequence of insufficient sun protection is not sunburn, but the risk of skin cancer. Children in particular should therefore be adequately protected.

Öko-Test tested 21 corresponding products for children from drugstores, pharmacies, (organic) supermarkets or health food stores, including three with a natural cosmetics seal. At prices between 3.95 euros and 57.80 euros per 200 milliliters. All of the sunscreens tested contained a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30, 50, or 50.

Result: 14 out of 21 remedies were rated "good" or "very good". And, not so nice, four are "poor" and one is even "unsatisfactory".

The products were examined in the laboratory for problematic substances, such as questionable UV filters, halogenated organic compounds and formaldehyde/releasers used as preservatives. In the case of mineral UV filters, it was checked whether the nanoparticles used – which are often viewed critically – are also indicated accordingly on the packaging.

Nine sunscreens were rated "very good". Among other things, the following products received the best rating: "Sundance Kids Sensitive Sun Milk 50" from DM (4.95 euros), "Hipp Babysanft Sun Milk Ultra Sensitive 50", "Paediprotect Sun Spray 50" from Paedi Protect (14.60 euros) and "Babydream Extra Sensitive Sun Spray 50" from Rossmann (6.99 euros).

According to the testers, anyone who prefers natural cosmetics should use DM's "Alverde Kids Sensitive Sun Balm 50" (9.27 euros).

In particular, the "Sunozon Kids Sonnenmilch 50" from Rossmann was not convincing in the test. It cannot be ruled out that she will turn children's skin gray. Because it contains a controversial preservative consisting of silver chloride on titanium dioxide. Since, according to Öko-Test, it cannot be ruled out that silver accumulates in the body and this can lead to gray discoloration of the skin, the substance should not actually be added to products for children under the age of three. That's what the Cosmetics Ordinance says. Consequence: "insufficient".

"Poor" were awarded to "Eucerin Sensitive Protect Kids Sun Spray LSF 50", "Ream Sun Care Sun Spray Kids 50 by Pharmamedico", "La Roche-PosayAnthelios Dermo-Pediatrics 50 Lotion" and "Lancaster SunSensitive Milky SprayKids 50" rated. Problematic substances contained in the preparations, such as PEG/PEG derivatives, silicones, benzophenone and homosalate, were fatal to them.

Irrespective of this: the products only offer full sun protection if they are applied generously and regularly. It should also be noted that part of the protection can be lost when bathing.

(This article was first published on Thursday, May 19, 2022.)


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