One for all: It's all about world domination

Vladimir and world domination - this horror scenario should make us sleepless, not if Robert Habeck starts to stutter.

One for all: It's all about world domination

Vladimir and world domination - this horror scenario should make us sleepless, not if Robert Habeck starts to stutter. But in this country people prefer to argue and pull each other's hair, like in kindergarten. The columnist on wasted energy.

While the SPD, Greens, FDP and the other parties in the Bundestag are publicly arguing about who is to blame for the dilemma with the gas and the heat that will soon be gone, completely different scenarios are being played out a few thousand kilometers to the east: Comrade Putin is not thinking about it less than world domination. It doesn't really matter to him whether the SPD or CDU is the chancellor, who in the opposition jets around in his own plane or celebrates an expensive wedding on Sylt - Wladimir just laughs up his manicured fist and says to himself: "Dosvidanja, you rascals, keep arguing about your petty junk, meanwhile I'll advance a little further."

So instead of pulling together with all your might at the moment - after all, this country and all of Europe, if not the rest of the world away from the vodka equator - should be protected from the lunatic from the Kremlin (I probably got that name from my colleague Thomas Schmoll stolen) - do people get upset in this country about things like: Whaaat? The foreign minister doesn't want to be the foreign minister of all Germans, but only of those who elected her or would vote again? The others don't care about her ass because Annalena Baerbock wants to keep her word that she will continue to support Ukraine, right to the end? Personally, I think it's good that it comes across as angular and edgy. It is a fact that her statement was initially edited lousy and thus tweeted around falsely. And dumb. Now it takes a lot of energy to explain the whole thing. Waste of energy!! The fact that the Ukraine is not only fighting for itself, but also protects us from evil with its involuntary and burdened struggle, should actually have reached even the last peace activists.

Because if the Ukraine gives up or is taken, then the next neighbors are due. A little geography? Left of Ukraine, north: Poland, then Germany. Further south: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany. Or: Slovakia, Austria, Germany. It's only a matter of time before it's our turn. As a formerly trapped Berliner, and very concerned that it might happen again when the man with the frozen expression decides to "Go West" along with the old borders, I obviously want this war to stop. But I want Ukraine to win. As simple as that.

In the meantime, the government has at least put together another aid package for us, which, in essence, led Friedrich Merz to the following statement, when he actually classified all the latest coalition resolutions as completely bananas: "Now seriously, Chancellor, 300 euros for every household , you and me too? Do we need that? Or maybe there are households in this country with an average income of maybe 1500, 1600 euros net that would have needed 1000 euros instead of all 300?" Wasted energy again? Because - at the wrong time? With wrong addressees?

Although, admittedly, I really like Merz when he gets really ignorant. No, not if he demands Habeck's disempowerment, he has to do that in the opposition, of course, but nobody in the CDU has done it really well with energy and dependency and the new potential energy products for decades. I mean much more when he calls Beatrix von Storch to order or acknowledges her chatter in between with the words that she shouldn't get upset, "the parliamentary doctor is there, if you want, go there right away". I love him for that! Above all, he could finally replace Helmut Schmidt's saying: "Anyone who has visions should go to the doctor"! Because visions are really what we urgently need.

Let's come to Robert Habeck, whose statements caused a lot of excitement at Sandra Maischberger this week. He may have galloped a little and unhappily, but he basically said nothing wrong. Habeck answered on Tuesday evening on the ARD program "Maischberger" when asked whether he was expecting a wave of bankruptcies at the end of this winter: "No, I'm not doing that. I can imagine that certain sectors will simply stop for the time being to produce." Habeck named flower shops, organic shops and bakeries as examples. But: "Then they are not automatically insolvent, they may just stop selling," says Habeck. That had earned him the accusation that he had no idea, since one would have to go bankrupt if the shop was closed.

DIW boss Marcel Fratzscher, however, gave two examples in which companies cannot produce without necessarily becoming insolvent: "Some hotels will have to close in winter because there are no customers and costs are rising massively (...), temporary closures are not uncommon in the industry." What Habeck said is therefore correct. "One could only criticize that he has not spoken about the government measures that apply in such cases. But in the current uncertainty it is rather wise not to do so." And instead of saying, ok, could have been worded better, now everyone is picking on him. What a waste of time and energy! Anyone who really thinks that Habeck has no idea about economics, go to him now and offer him some tutoring, quickly! Eternal discussions do not bring a country forward.

What really upsets me, however, is that the Bundeswehr drives the private individuals Harry and Meghan through the air with Bundeswehr pilots and thus financed by taxpayers' money. Sorry, but who were Harry and Meghan again? Two people who weren't up for the privileges and the golden spoon that was in the couple's mouth (at least 50 percent) from birth, but who have dared since 2020 to only do what they feel like doing and not what what would be required. These two marionettes are flown from Great Britain to Germany by the Bundeswehr because they have an "appointment" there. Why can't they fly in line if they want to be as normal and unrecognized as Kreti and Pleti? Then they can get up close and personal with the queue at the check-in instead of the empty words: "I'm sooooo happy to be here with you today". "Among you" is the lovely Meghan never! Terrible, who actually takes the show from a person like that anymore? Apparently the Bundeswehr. I feel unsafe right now, knowing that the Bundeswehr's priority is "shuttle people from A to B."

Then rather a hard-drinking Finnish head of government who clearly states that the country's borders are in no way endangered just because she's messing around. Ms. Lambrecht, now at least bang on the table! Resign...

Back to Tsar Vladi, who continues to forge his world domination almost unhindered, while the people here prepare for the cool autumn, when things are sure to get hot. Let's pay attention to the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia and our own nuclear power plants, to the atmosphere in the country, which will be exploited by extremes of all stripes as surely as amen in church as soon as the heating stops bubbling. And let's also pay attention to the Belarusians, who are getting restless on the border with Poland. That's where we need to direct our human energy!

I wish you a warm weekend.

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