One for all: horoscope: This is how your stars are in 2023

You didn't know, neither did I until now, but I can see into the future.

One for all: horoscope: This is how your stars are in 2023

You didn't know, neither did I until now, but I can see into the future. That's why for the first time as a service from Your horoscope - or something like that - for the new year. Are you excited too? I can tell you one thing: It's all just a phase, rabbit.

"My name is rabbit and I don't know anything" can't be your excuse this year! The Chinese Year of the Rabbit begins on January 22nd, which is not exactly the same as the turn of the year. I actually wanted to bring the normal horoscope for our usual zodiac signs first, but this is boring. It's the same everywhere: Aquarians have to come out of the quark, Pisces should free their inner diva (even more??), the scales shouldn't be too balanced, otherwise Scorpios will dance on their noses, and Virgo should let five be straight, she's annoying with her sense of order. Anyone who is not a twin is looking for the inner child that has to find a home and all zodiac signs with horns: calm blood! Then it's better to look at the rabbit in the direction of the rising sun.

Each Chinese zodiac sign represents a whole year, which is different from Western systematics, in which a zodiac sign only represents a month. According to China-Wiki, another specialty of the Chinese characters is that the twelve animals are also assigned their own element. The elements are fire, water, metal, earth and wood. As a result, a sign of the zodiac and one of the elements only meet every 60 years. Exciting. For example, I'm a fire horse, and that sounds a lot more exciting than a virgo, doesn't it?

The fire horse is described as a "radical free spirit" whose "reputation is legendary": "Charismatic, energetic, dazzling, but also unruly and crazy - fire horses cannot be tamed, they do not want to bow to anyone. For some are "They're chaotic or oddballs, others see them as the masterminds of their generation. Firehorses are nonconformist and unique. Their day should be forty-eight hours." Honestly? I could read this forever, I love my Chinese zodiac so much. Weaknesses? Oh, it goes even further: "If firehorses want to enforce something, then their radicalism can be ruthless." Alright. Go then. But we want to know what the year 2023 will bring for all of us in general.

The last rabbit years were 2011, 1999 and 1987. Anyone born there? Children? One of my children is a rabbit, and so is one of my best friends. They could well be mother and daughter. But let's go into the details: Of course, like all the others, the Chinese zodiac sign of the rabbit also comes in the usual five variations: fire, water, metal, earth and wood. The Rabbit year 2023 will be dominated by the element of water - just like 2022 - and as we all know, water can be catastrophic too, as floods in many parts of the world have unfortunately shown. It is said that water brings with it a great deal of change on the one hand, but also the opportunity for each individual to adapt. It is assumed that in 2023 people will not find it particularly difficult to adapt to new circumstances. Rabbits appreciate the beauty of life, are very balanced, easily feel "ying" today and "yang" tomorrow.

If we take a look at prominent rabbits, could we draw any conclusions? So let's say, for example, Putin, is he a metal rabbit? Or a wooden pig? No, he's a water dragon, and as much as I feel sorry for everyone else born in 1952, but water dragons suck: they're hard to get hold of, they're very assertive, but on the other hand they can hardly think for themselves and like to follow others. A rabbit maybe? "Rabbits are generally not overly vulnerable, but they are not overly robust either. They are best suited to jobs in which they have to deal with other people, such as in education or healthcare. Last but not least, communication skills are of great importance here." it.

So it would be ideal if you could install a rabbit in the Kremlin. On top of that, rabbits are valued for their credibility, and they are rarely ignored. Well-known people with the Chinese zodiac sign of the rabbit include Til Schweiger, Angelina Jolie, Michael Jordan and Albrecht Dürer. Of the above, Angelina Jolie seems to me the best suited to be installed as a rabbit in the Kremlin. Or?

But you should leave the basilica in the village anyway, because hares are far from perfect either: "Despite their politeness and courtesy, hares are often described as arrogant because they pride themselves on their speed. It also happens more often that the Hase was amused by others, which some don't go down too well with.It would of course be fatal if Angelina were amused by Vladimir, she could immediately prepare for the fact that she would be sent a hard stool further from Alexei Navalny to Siberian solitary confinement will.

"Unfortunately, rabbits also tend to be pessimistic and a little conservative. That's why they tend to have a negative attitude towards change and are easily thrown off course," I found out more. For this reason, Rabbits are also considered to be the most difficult of the Chinese zodiac signs. Nevertheless, Rabbits are persistent and therefore often achieve great success.

The past year, the year of the water tiger, was obviously a year of upheaval and confrontation on many levels: switch Corona on or off, climate too hot or too cold, too dry or too humid, war in Europe and after two or three months at the latest , which one helped and donated, the next pig was driven through the village or the next catastrophe came: Iran and Afghanistan, climate glue and traffic violations, no or unaffordable housing and people who stuffed their pockets with the suffering of others .

And know Sewas? This is exactly how things will continue in 2023, but without any major ups and downs. Say the China-Wikipeden. In the Year of the Water Rabbit it will be possible to get a handle on difficulties that arise. Because the rabbit stands for order and clarity, which should have a particularly strong impact on social cohesion.

In the year of the water rabbit, the focus is on the social consequences of the upheaval and how societies can cope with it. The rabbit is the best diplomat among the Chinese zodiac, so it will help to smooth out confrontations and find a moderate consensus. His characteristics "tenderness", "kindness", "caring" and "compassion" are said to be helpful. Do we have rabbits in the federal government? That would be great!

So the year of the rabbit stands for stability and healing within, which fits well after this year, which was terrible in many places. 2023 would be a good year to focus on the needs of your own body, keyword "work-life balance". In 2023 we can grow if we want, the rabbit supports us in our personal development, which will be characterized by freedom and justice.

I almost want to say amen, it sounds good what's to come. And we all need something good. I'm still thinking about whether I wouldn't rather see Til Schweiger next to Putin in the Kremlin instead of Angelina Jolie. After all, he shot films like "Keinohrhasen" and "Kokowääh" and he'll be able to tame a water dragon. And if he mumbles him to death.

With this in mind: Have a good start into the new year and don't set your expectations too high, then you won't be so disappointed if it doesn't work out. Old-timer wisdom.

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