Patrick Bruel: his son Léon launches into song

Good blood cannot lie

Patrick Bruel: his son Léon launches into song

Good blood cannot lie... We know the dynasty of Hallyday or Dutronc, that of Bruel is also in motion: Léon, 17, the youngest son of the singer, announces on social networks the upcoming release of his first single, entitled 1 ,2,3.

The Purepeople site has thus spotted several videos on TikTok and Instagram signed Léon Hesby, where the budding composer is increasing the pressure by revealing excerpts, recording sessions and messages to his fans. “So happy to announce that my first single 1,2,3 will be released on May 26th, he announces in English on Instagram. The first step among, I hope, many others in my musical career…”

We don't know if dad gave the son a hand, but the song is far from the standards of the singer of Casser la voix, with a very pop, rhythmic and colorful side. Last September, Patrick Bruel unveiled a tender snapshot with his younger brother on Instagram on the occasion of his birthday, with a message full of great pride: “My Léon. 17 years of love, complicity, sharing, bursts of laughter... And then this look so beautiful that people have on you is only the reflection of what you are, one of the most beautiful people that I have never met... Your road will be beautiful! Proud to be your dad. »

Leon lives most of the time in Los Angeles with his older brother Oscar, 19, and their mother, writer Amanda Sthers. The couple divorced in 2007, but remained on good terms. “We have an exceptional relationship, explained the singer to Current Woman in 2014. We are the typical example of the blended family, of the couple who succeeded in their separation with intelligence, but above all respect. In the same interview, he explained that he maintained a relationship of trust with his two boys, who are both perfectly bilingual. “I try to distill my sons as much information as possible so that the road is the best possible, and that they manage to overcome the pitfalls. I tell them “Do your best and it will be fine. Otherwise, you will be sad”. »

In particular, he shares with them his taste for football and music, but also his passion for his Provencal stronghold near Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, a former hospital commandery where he operates an olive grove and vineyards, all under the Leos brand, the contraction of the two first names of his sons. Land and a business that he wishes to bequeath to them one day: it is there that they partly grew up by regularly meeting their father, anxious to involve them in the development of cultures and the land...

In the meantime, Léon has chosen his path, in music and entertainment: we will soon see him in the cinema in Les Promesses, alongside Jean Reno, a film directed by his mother, which will be released in August. Almost forty years ago, his father Patrick had his first success in the song with "Marre de cette nana-là", after having broken through in Le Coup de sirocco... Like father, like son.