Please stay outside: Insect protection curtain: How to successfully ward off mosquitoes and wasps

You can hang a sign saying "We have to stay outside" on the balcony or patio door.

Please stay outside: Insect protection curtain: How to successfully ward off mosquitoes and wasps

You can hang a sign saying "We have to stay outside" on the balcony or patio door. This is a nice and decidedly animal-friendly attempt. However, the hint will hardly stop mosquitoes, wasps and other insects from breaking off their approach to the living room. Especially not when the door is wide open so that as much fresh spring air as possible can flow through the house. But how does spring come in without locking and barricading every window and door? An air-permeable insect protection curtain is a popular measure to keep the little pests at bay. In a figurative sense, you kill two birds with one stone.

In the following article you can find out which models are suitable for balcony and patio doors and how to securely attach an insect screen curtain.

Landlords usually do not like it when window or door frames are drilled into or damaged in any other way. And even in your own home you are not doing yourself any favors with it. So another solution is needed to make the entry path a dead end for unwanted flying objects. With vertical blinds like this model from Hecht International, an aluminum profile is clamped into the door frame via a spring mechanism. The slats then hang on so-called keder strips. Beautiful: The profile can be individually adjusted depending on the door width. The four slats themselves are 220 centimeters long and can also be cut to size as needed. Three slats can also be sufficient for narrower doors. Important: They should overlap a few centimeters, otherwise mosquito have

A self-adhesive clamping strip holds the polyester slats of the Diluma insect screen curtain to the door frame. Four or five slats can be hung next to each other with a slight overlap. Weights sewn into the lower edge prevent insects from making their way inside the apartment. The fabric should be UV resistant.

The insect screen curtain with magnetic closure works similar to the principle of a wing door. Instead of several overlapping slats that are clamped to the upper door frame, the two parts of the curtain are additionally attached to the sides with adhesive tape. Or better: The frame is glued. The two curtain parts are later attached with Velcro. Magnets sewn into the inner edges close the curtain. In contrast to most slat curtains, the length cannot be individually adjusted here. Important: Measure the door frame carefully before deciding on a curtain. This model by Auxmir is available in four different lengths between 200 and 240 centimetres. The width should also be right so that the curtain sits taut and closes completely in the middle. Anyone who has a cat or small children in the house could be well served with the Apalus VP insect protection curtain. Apalus has fitted this slightly more robust fly screen with a Velcro strip that is almost four centimeters thick. Of course, this insect screen is still unsuitable for swinging and climbing.

Important tip for installation: To make it easier and safer for the magnets to find each other, the two slats should be attached one to two centimeters higher in the middle of the upper door frame than in the corners.

Chain or rope curtains are a nice alternative to slat solutions. Properly installed, mosquitoes, wasps and other creatures hardly have a chance to get into the house. The fresh spring air can still blow through the home. The current trend is insect protection curtains made of aluminum chains, like this one from VerRich. Important: The chain links should be corrosion-resistant. Small disadvantage: Because of the weight, you usually cannot avoid turning two small screws in the wall with this variant. If you prefer natural materials, you can use a decorative rope curtain like the Maritim model from Kobolo instead of the aluminum curtain. It can be attached above the door frame in no time at all with the help of two larger nails. Warning: the ropes knotted at the bottom tend to get tangled when you go through them, leaving gaps and giving uninvited guests the chance to slip through.

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