Please stop: The dos and don'ts on the e-scooter

Anyone who does nonsense on an e-scooter has to pay up to 500 euros in some cases.

Please stop: The dos and don'ts on the e-scooter

Anyone who does nonsense on an e-scooter has to pay up to 500 euros in some cases. Users should therefore read the traffic rules carefully in advance. For example here.

E-scooters have long been part of everyday life in inner cities. Popular for getting from A to B quickly and spontaneously, some people use it carelessly, warns the ADAC. Many users are not clear on which routes the electronic scooters are allowed at all - and what fines threaten in the event of violations.

1. E-scooters are permitted for everyone over the age of 14, you do not need a driver's license. ADAC recommends wearing a helmet when driving, but it is not mandatory.

2. They are only permitted on cycle paths, cycle lanes and cycle lanes. According to the ADAC, users are only allowed to switch to the lane if these are missing. That means: If there are any, the traffic lights apply.

3. However, electric scooters are prohibited on the sidewalk, in the pedestrian zone and in one-way streets against the direction of travel if the areas are not approved by additional signs. Otherwise there is a risk of 15 euros and 30 euros in the event of property damage.

4. E-scooters may only be parked at the side of the road, on the sidewalk and, if approved, also in the pedestrian zone. According to the ADAC, it is crucial that neither pedestrians nor wheelchair users may be affected by the scooters.

5. Only one person is allowed to stand on an e-scooter. It is also not allowed to ride side by side outside of bicycle zones. In the event of damage to property, up to 30 euros will be charged.

6. It's better not to drive home on an e-scooter after going to a bar. As for drivers, there are strict alcohol limits. Even someone who can still drive safely and is stopped with a blood alcohol content of 0.5 to 1.09 commits an administrative offence. And this can get expensive. According to the ADAC, there is usually a 500 euro fine, a month's driving ban and two points in Flensburg.

A blood alcohol concentration of at least 1.1 per mil is a criminal offense. But be careful: even if the blood alcohol content is lower than that, drivers can be asked to pay if they are no longer fit to drive. Then the limit is 0.3 per thousand. As with driving a car, there is a zero alcohol limit for novice drivers and those under the age of 21.

7. Mobile phones are forbidden at the wheel. There is a risk of a fine of 100 euros and a point in Flensburg. Anyone who also endangers other people pays a fine of 150 euros and receives two points and a month's driving ban.

If someone wants to buy an e-scooter privately, the ADAC recommends observing a few points before the first ride. The owner requires liability insurance, which will appear on the scooter's insurance plaque. If you drive without insurance, you have to reckon with a fine of 40 euros.

In addition, every e-scooter must be approved. Without a valid operating permit, a fine of 70 euros is due - and a possible accident can be very expensive, since the driver is liable with his private assets.

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