Preview: TV tips on Sunday

The "Haus Lüdecke" has a long history and is known far beyond Münster's borders.

Preview: TV tips on Sunday

The "Haus Lüdecke" has a long history and is known far beyond Münster's borders. A corpse is found in the moat of the old moated castle - in knight's armour. The dead man is the newly crowned lord of the castle, Manfred Radtke (Anthony Arndt). Was it an accident or is there more behind it - as Commissioner Thiel (Axel Prahl) suspects? Only a few months ago, the former fair king Radtke bought the venerable castle and wanted to hold medieval games here with his family in the future.

Which celebrity can defeat Steffen Henssler in the ultimate outdoor BBQ competition? At the "Grill den Henssler Sommer-Special" in the Elbauenpark Magdeburg, moderated by Laura Wontorra, everything is grilled - and to convince the critical jury, much more has to be served than the classic meat, fish and vegetables. Who has their grill under control and convinces Mirja Boes, Reiner Calmund and Christian Rach?

A marathon is held in Boston every year on Patriots Day. The event in 2013 will stay in people's minds for a long time: a bomb attack on the home straight costs three lives and injures hundreds. Police officer Tommy Saunders (Mark Wahlberg) and his colleagues go in search of the assassins.

Excitement in spring: The widow of a deceased motorcyclist does not appear at his funeral. Desperately, the 19-year-old daughter Johanna (Emilia Bernsdorf) goes in search of her mother. Unaware of all this, Katja Baumann (Simone Thomalla) has already found the person she is looking for: Erika Brugger (Clelia Sarto) is sitting in a good mood at a bus stop, waiting for her husband to pick her up. Katja realizes that something is wrong here and takes Erika to the hospital.

Calvin (Kevin Hart) can't believe his eyes when he sees his former schoolmate Bob (Dwayne Johnson). Bob, once fat and flabby, is now a toned banger. And a secret agent in distress. Bob is on the trail of a traitor within the CIA. To unmask this, Bob needs Calvin's help. Calvin has no idea what a hell of a ride he is getting himself into.

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