Richest Nations in the World

The world is getting richer and richer by the day. With the advancements in technology,

Richest Nations in the World

The world is getting richer and richer by the day. With the advancements in technology, a lot of things have now become much easier to do. As a result, production has increased and so has the income in most countries in the world. On that note, we shall take a look at some of the world's wealthiest countries. These countries have diverse and complex economies but still, manage to stand out among the world's richest.


According to a financial blog found at Qatar has a GDP per capital of $129, 360. This makes its citizens one of the richest in the world. The population as of 2017 was estimated to be at 2.74 million, with a life expectancy at birth to be 78 years. Oil, gas and petrochemical products are the main sources of revenue for Qatar.


Banking, technology and industry are but a few of things that make Luxembourg part of the richest countries in the world. Their GDP is estimated to be at $112, 710. The population of Luxembourg stands at just 0.59 million. Furthermore, it is believed that people of Luxembourg live the longest with a life expectancy rate at birth to be 82 years at birth.


Singapore is one of the best counties to live and work abroad. This is as financial services make up most of the cities states economy. Their GDP is at $93, 680. The population stands at an estimate of 5.61 million people. Who are also expected to live up to 82 years. Therefore if you are one who loves to play real money onlinecasinos while making a steady living, Singapore is where you want to be.

Brunei Darussalam

The Sultan of Brunei is on the list of the richest leader in the world. Therefore it no shock that the country is part of the richest in the world as well. The tiny economy in the country is built on oil and gas. With a  GDP of $77, 700. The people of Brunei are expected to live up to 77 years.


The estimated 4.43 million people of Ireland are expected to live up to 81 years. With their Island being among the richest nations in the world. The GDP of Ireland stands at $75, 790. Distilling and brewing being part of the things that keep the economy afloat. With other things like financial services, the tech industry and pharmaceutical services as well.

Date Of Update: 10 May 2019, 15:09

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