Secure contributions: Work abroad can count towards pension

Jumping across borders is currently possible again without any problems.

Secure contributions: Work abroad can count towards pension

Jumping across borders is currently possible again without any problems. Those who have earned their money abroad or are still doing so should not lose sight of any future pension entitlements.

Many EU citizens work in other countries of the international community or have done so at least once. Exactly such times abroad can be relevant for the later pension entitlement and should therefore be given to the responsible pension insurance institution, as the German pension insurance warns. Because European law ensures that cross-border workers do not suffer any disadvantages in terms of social security. This can be particularly important if periods abroad help meet minimum insurance periods before retirement.

For long-term insured persons who want to retire at the age of 63, for example, the prescribed minimum insurance period in this country is currently 35 years. The minimum insurance period also includes child-rearing and care periods, periods of pension equalization, unemployment, longer illnesses, schooling or studies, or periods of work abroad. Insured persons are therefore well advised to check their insurance history carefully.

Anyone who only works temporarily for their employer abroad and continues to be paid by them remains subject to compulsory insurance in Germany. The period of time for a so-called posting varies. Within the European Union, for example, it is limited to 24 months.

If it is not a question of posting, periods of employment in different countries can be added together for the minimum insurance period. This aggregation takes place according to European Community law between the states of the European Union as well as Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. Germany has concluded so-called social security agreements with many other countries, such as Tunisia, Turkey, Japan, the USA and Australia. Insurance periods can also be taken into account in these countries.

Just like the German pension insurance, the corresponding foreign pension fund calculates your insurance years with the German times in order to meet the required minimum insurance years there as well. However, there is no double payment of pensions from the same insurance periods. The German pension is calculated from the periods completed in Germany and the pension from abroad from the periods completed there. Each country therefore only pays for the performance from the times completed there. In this way, pension payments can be made from several countries at the same time.

If the minimum insurance period is not fulfilled despite the aggregation of periods, you can usually have the contributions paid reimbursed. This applies both to the insured person himself and to his surviving dependents.

Those affected can find out more on the pension insurance website and download a brochure. You can also get advice by calling 49 800 10004800. Both offers are free.


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