Should you choose an Old Age Homes for your Elders?

To our surprise, the number of old age homes are increasing at an extreme rate.

Should you choose an Old Age Homes for your Elders?

To our surprise, the number of old age homes are increasing at an extreme rate. An old age home is basically a retirement home or old people’s home which is usually a special housing intended only for the elderly. In these old age homes, each couple or each person is provided with either individual apartments or individual rooms that have all the required facilities. Some of these facilities include flooding, an arrangement of recreational activities and even hospitals and healthcare facilities.

But the question rises are the old age home in Mumbai well acceptable now? Most of the old parents co-incidentally end up staying in one but most of them cannot even imagine leaving their home and staying in an old age home. But a fact is a fact! In this world of the rat race, we the children are so busy building our career and accomplishing milestones that we don’t even understand when we leave behind our elderly people. They start leading an extremely insecure lonely life. So logically keeping them safe and secured in an old age home is a smarter option. There is nothing wrong with it.

Advantages of an old age home

With growing age, people start losing control over their body and at that time performing daily tasks seems difficult. But if your elderly is in an old age home in Mumbai then they can get assistance from the staff present there in performing their daily activities. Alternatively, they can appoint a caretaker for themselves who will take care of them with daily activities.

As old age homes are only for senior citizens, so they always have a 24x7 medical facility and doctors are always available at hand. As an alternative, they would have to find someone who can help them to get a doctor’s appointment. In the case of an extreme medical emergency, they may also need someone who can help them in reaching the hospital.

Safety is one of the biggest concerns for anyone, especially for our elders. If they are staying in an old age home, they remain secure and protected from any intruders and lead a better quality of life.

One of the biggest facts about an old age home is companionship. Getting a better company of their same age is something they all love and that is what required at that age. A great friend can help them lead a better life by letting go away all the stress, loneliness and depression in their life. However, not everyone holds the same feeling; some people may end up feeling abandoned and lonely in their old-age homes.

Disadvantages of an old age home

The services provided in the old age home costs money. The better the services provided by the old age homes in Mumbai, the more expensive are its rates. Now, most of the elderlies have limited income sources like either they are pension holders or they get money from their children. So they cannot spend all the money they have as rents of old age homes.

Living with other people might sound good, but they lack privacy. Moreover, their choice of food and living space is very limited in an old age home which becomes very difficult for them to accept at that age. Moreover, as a result of community living, it affects their privacy and alone time and this is when they start missing their home.

Living in an Old Age home affects your personal dimension and this can give rise to some to some emotional issues like depression. Because they will mostly be missing their home, their family, relatives, grandchildren.

How to choose the right Old Age Home?

Old Age homes provide the elderlies just with the appropriate facilities and services that are needed to take care of them. But to ensure your elderlies comfort the real challenge becomes finding the right old age home for your loved ones. Following are the few things that must be considered while deciding to choose an old age home-

  • When you first enter the old age home what is your first impression of the place? The place must look comfortable and more like home, it must maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene. Also, check out on the managing and serving staff present there, their behavior and the services that they offer.
  • Make sure about the services that the old age home offers. Some old age home offers the elderlies some occupational therapy programs and other activities that can let them feel relaxed.
  • Now you need to make sure if the meals are prepared in a hygienic way. Check out the menus and make sure the meals are healthy. In case your loved ones have some specific requirements you may speak with their staff and make arrangements for it.
  • Lastly, check out the terms and conditions of the old age home before signing any agreement with the old age home.

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