The fact that Anastasia cooks sparingly is nothing new, after all, as a refugee, you can’t draw on plenty. But today she means thrifty in two and three ways: she keeps something for the next few days and thus saves time as well.

Today I’m preparing a sauce that you can also eat as a soup if you want – simply because everyone I know spoons it up immediately – but above all you use it as a dip for bread. Or as a “real sauce” that is served with meat. My husband could get into it, he keeps assuring me.

I’ve had a few sleepless nights over the past few weeks, and then I’m always thinking about food, thinking about food, or want to eat something right now. This dip is good for that, too, because it’s healthy, without sugar and because it fills you up and makes you happy without necessarily making you gain weight. Oh yes, I couldn’t sleep because I’m always waiting for mail, I’ve never had mail so often in my life. From officials, of course. I’m really trying to do everything correctly and if I get stuck I call my German friend. She can do everything if I didn’t have her! I wish everyone such a friend – even if you are not a refugee.

Back to the sauce: It is very simple. Chop all the ingredients, i.e. tomatoes, carrots or other vegetables – we also like to use zucchini, peppers, beetroot or whatever is still in the fridge – or put them in a chopper. The onions should be cut very finely.

Fry the onions and vegetables in a little oil. Mix everything in a bowl with the tomato paste and pour over the lemon juice. Depending on how intense you want the lemon flavor to be, add a little more or less than a glass of water. If you like it creamier, add some flour or sauce thickener, but really very little. In our family we love the sauce, if you can still tell the pieces of the individual vegetables. You can also put the whole thing in a smoothie blender, then everything will be creamier. Just season the sauce with salt and pepper.

As I said, if there is anything left, then put it in the fridge, for small binge eating at night or regularly the next day. That’s it for today, I have to go to the mailbox. Smachnoho – Bon appetit.