Stay Fit and healthy with the right strategy for yourself

There are some cheat days in health conscious peoples’ diary.

Stay Fit and healthy with the right strategy for yourself

There are some cheat days in health conscious peoples’ diary. On these cheat days, we eat scoops of chocolate brownie without counting the calories. We aren’t concerned with the exercise plan or diet routine for those few hours where we are munching over our thoughts with our favorite dessert. It is quite a common trend now a days. Working professionals who cannot spend much time in the gym or go for jogging, they take control over diet. There are mobile apps which help you in counting the calories you intake with food and also the iota of calories you burn while just walking over to the water cooler in office. A senior of mine, in office has kept alarm indications to remind him of walking a few steps after sitting for a few continuous hours. We are in an era where people have started caring for their health. The obvious reasons for certain lifestyle trends likethe yoga merchandise sales are increasing, Decathlon is a checkout place for activities, bicycles are best friends for Sunday mornings and much more.

Although people follow diet regimes and rules with determination and dedication, yet they love to give themselves some reward at regular time intervals, may be once in a month or once in a quarter. Like once a while they won’t eat for the sake of health, but for the sake of their love for desserts. With multiple options in each dessert category, desserts online have proved to be a self-motivation. For instance, a healthy lifestyle choice of waking up an hour early with forty five minutes of jogging or cycling or cardio or yoga followed by normal home made three meals for two weeks and then tries out one of the pancakes on weekend. Whether it is Oreo obsession pancake or chocolate volcano pancake, one has the liberty to choose the customizations in the form of almond flakes or caramel sauce or whipped cream. These customizations are clearly mentioned with flavors and extra charges while you order desserts online. Isn’t it a cool idea to pamper oneself with a favorite dessert, when you have toiled the whole week!!?

It is worth noting that some people can be strict in following their fitness goals.Theyfollow these trends of discipline on most of the days with some pampering taste satiating cheat days in between. On the other hand, there are some people who love consistency. Every day they will take care of the calories in take and burn out. They don’t allow their sweet tooth to dominate their food choices. Once in a year or six months, for a family or friends get together they lose control, otherwise they are strict followers of the diet plan. Thanks to the advent of mobile apps, where healthy food choices are also included. They prefer to order salads online, instead of going for a fried chicken or crispy paneer tikka. While farm fresh vegetables and fruits always make the salads appealing, it is the low fat dressings and garnishing ingredients which make the food more alluring.

Date Of Update: 11 June 2020, 07:02

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