Stuck for Gift Ideas? Best Christmas Presents for Your Boyfriend

Stuck for Gift Ideas? Best Christmas Presents for Your Boyfriend

Are you finding it difficult to find an amazing gift for your loved one this year? Perhaps it’s the first time you are buying your new boyfriend a gift, or you might just find it really difficult to find presents that you think he will like. If you are finding present buying a struggle this year, we have picked out the best Christmas presents that we know your boyfriend will love.


Burberry’s new FW20 selection is a gorgeous collection of Burberry masterpieces. This collection features a huge amount of Burberry’s classic nova check print which is such an iconic look. The brand is so highly recognized all over the world and loved by so many - your boyfriend is bound to adore having a piece of Burberry in his wardrobe. Burberry’s infamous collection can be found on SSENSE along with many other menswear designer collections, and they offer free express delivery if you end up leaving it late! If your boyfriend likes to lounge a lot or doesn’t like to feel too dressed up, there are some gorgeous loungewear pieces from Burberry that he will adore, as well as nova check slides, which are so versatile for using as loungewear and wearing in the summer.

Experience Gift

Buying your boyfriend an experience gift always goes down well. This means that you find a day out or a weekend away doing an activity, like a cruise, cooking class, river rafting, etc. What is great about doing an experience gift is that your boyfriend has something to look forward to after Christmas is over, instead of getting the January Christmas blues. Make sure that you book two tickets for whatever you do so that you and your boyfriend can share the experience. Alternatively, you can buy two tickets and let him pick a friend or family member that he knows will love the day out if it’s not quite your thing.


Another great gift idea is a bottle of cologne. You could either buy him his favorite cologne that you know he already loves, or you could get him a new one that maybe he’s never heard of, so that every time he wears it, he thinks of you and Christmas time. Buying scents for someone is such a personal gift and you could argue that it can be tricky finding a scent for someone else. So, maybe start dropping some hints to find out what kind of smells he likes so that you can get your search off to a good start.

Wireless Speaker

A wireless speaker is a wonderful present for your boyfriend to receive. It is one of those gift ideas that not many people think about, but when they receive it, they use it so often. Everyone loves music, and it’s great to have on in the background if he’s working, cooking, or doing anything around the house. You can also purchase waterproof speakers that are great to bring into the shower, because who doesn’t like having a sing in the shower!

French Press

A French press/cafetière is a gorgeous present to gift your boyfriend if he is a coffee lover. It is such a lovely thing to do in the morning; it gives you a little sense of luxury, and as you are preparing the coffee, it gives you a minute to gather your thoughts and stop rushing around. There is no better feeling than waking up and having a great quality rich coffee in the morning, so along with the French press, why don’t you gift him some excellent Fairtrade coffee and maybe even a mug to go alongside it too?


You simply cannot go wrong with buying your boyfriend a classy, elegant wristwatch. A watch can be a gift for any kind of budget, so if your budget isn’t too high, then there are still so many excellent quality watches out there. If you wanted to go extra special this Christmas, you could even get the inside of the watch engraved. Maybe consider putting both of your initials on the inside or something simple like ‘love {your name}’. It is such a timeless gift that he will treasure forever.

Wallet or Card Holder

Buying your boyfriend a gorgeous leather wallet is such a luxurious present that he will love and will no doubt use almost every day. You could purchase a wallet from his favorite brand, or think outside the box and create a personalized wallet with his initials on or a little message from you etc. If your boyfriend doesn’t like carrying round a big flip out wallet, then perhaps opt for a card holder. They’re significantly smaller than a regular sized wallet but are so useful for carrying round any cards that he uses. Card holders are a lot easier to fit in a pocket too.

Treat your boyfriend to one of these thoughtful and amazing present ideas this year for Christmas.

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