Summer time is savings time: These tips reduce energy consumption

The warm summer temperatures make it possible to curb the hunger for energy.

Summer time is savings time: These tips reduce energy consumption

The warm summer temperatures make it possible to curb the hunger for energy. These tips will help you save electricity in summer.

German consumers are energy savers, at least they are making every effort. In a current, representative survey commissioned by the energy provider Eon from Appinio, around three quarters (75.1 percent) of those surveyed stated that they had already actively saved electricity before the energy crisis. 40.2 percent of them now want to pay more attention to the political call to save energy. On the other hand, 34.9 percent see no further potential for savings. After all, the summertime brings additional opportunities to save energy. Those are the best tips.

Save energy on vacation

Summer time means vacation time for many people. It doesn't matter whether it's a short trip or an extended summer holiday: Anyone who leaves home should make sure that there are no hidden electricity consumers connected to the grid. It is particularly exemplary to use the holiday period, for example to empty and defrost your refrigerator and to completely disconnect it from the power supply during your holiday. This also applies to the heating, which does not have to produce hot water during a holiday. To be on the safe side, it is advisable for holidaymakers to disconnect the corresponding fuse from the mains before they leave.

Consumers see the greatest potential in the bathroom

According to the survey by Eon, Germans see the greatest energy-saving opportunities in the bathroom in summer: almost 40 percent of those surveyed say they heat less, shower colder or bathe less often. In doing so, they are following the recommendations of the Federal Government on World Energy Saving Day. She advises getting a shower-saving head to reduce resource consumption even further. A tip for all seasons: If you want to get moisture out of the bathroom - also to prevent mold - you should air it out regularly and completely exchange the entire air several times a day. If the air humidity is higher in summer, it is advisable to ventilate the room in the morning, evening and night - but not during the day, so that the warm, muggy air does not flow into the apartment.

Clothesline instead of tumble dryer

If you have the space, you should use the summertime to give your tumble dryer a break. Electric dryers are real power guzzlers - but the good old clothesline works just as well almost all year round. It is also good for the clothes, because drying in the sun is gentler on most textiles than in the dryer and also saves money.

Use electrical devices wisely

Because it is light longer in summer, the electricity consumption for lighting in many households automatically decreases. If you still use conventional light bulbs, there is relevant savings potential through the use of LED lamps. The consumer advice center also recommends - especially people who work from home - to work on laptops instead of desktop PCs because they generally consume less electricity. In summer, however, it is important that the device is placed on a level surface so that the cooling works and the laptop does not overheat.

It is better to avoid mobile air conditioners

When temperatures are high in summer, some people rely on mobile air conditioners. Caution is advised here, because the air conditioning systems not only consume as much electricity as fan heaters in winter, their actual cooling effect is often disappointing. A noticeable cooling effect is provided by fans, which usually circulate the warm air better. When airing the apartment, the same rules apply as in the bathroom: preferably in the morning, evening or at night.

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