Summer vacation is just around the corner: These nine tricks make packing your suitcase easier

For some, it increases anticipation.

Summer vacation is just around the corner: These nine tricks make packing your suitcase easier

For some, it increases anticipation. Others almost lose their desire to travel when they think about packing their suitcases. Everything is just a question of the system. A style consultant knows what to do.

The summer vacation is approaching and with it the tiresome topic of packing your suitcase. what to do with And how do I get everything in the suitcase? To avoid stress, you need a plan. These nine "packing hacks" can help:

1. Only pack clothes that can be easily combined

"When you travel, you should take clothes with you that can be combined in many ways," advises Sonja Garrison, a style consultant from Königstein near Frankfurt am Main. The motto: Better simple and single-colored basics than too many extravagant individual pieces. You can spice up and change outfits with jewelery and scarves. Accessories also take up very little space in the suitcase. Jewelery is best stored individually in small cloth bags. "So nothing gets tangled and clothing is protected from sharp edges."

In fact, as a style consultant, Garrison is also something of a suitcase packing expert. Many of her clients travel a lot for work and so frequently ask her for advice.

2. Put heavy things down

Toiletry bags, books and shoes belong on the bottom of the suitcase or near the suitcase wheels. Garrison recommends putting "the heaviest pieces in the bottom and center." Otherwise they will mess up the order in the suitcase and creases will appear in the clothes.

3. Liquid in a bag

Shower gel, shampoo and creams are well packed in small travel bottles and jars with screw caps. In addition, the style consultant recommends a sealable plastic bag to cover in case something should leak.

4. Roll instead of fold

"You can roll scarves, light shirts and trousers instead of folding them," says Garrison. This means they wrinkle less and are easier to store away. The handy rolls of clothes are distributed in the suitcase so that an even surface is created. Folded blouses and shirts can lie on it. But not for too long: "You should quickly unpack sensitive clothing at your holiday destination so that you can take it off."

5. Better to pack tight than loose

Another professional tip for crease-free laundry: "It's better to pack tightly than too loosely." This way the clothes are "held" and there are fewer creases because the clothes don't slip around in the suitcase. Of course, this only works if the case size matches the contents. In a suitcase that still has a lot of space after packing, the clothes will inevitably get mixed up. Conversely, a smaller suitcase can encourage you to pack a little less.

6. Fill gaps to save space

Sonja Garrison recommends packing each item of clothing in a staggered manner. "It saves space and keeps clothes together better." It is helpful to skillfully fill in the gaps. "You should therefore pack your underwear and socks last," she advises. You can also stop them.

7. Organizers and trunks

If you don't get used to the rolling technique, but still want to create order, you can use insertable panniers. These organizers are useful, says the style consultant. The small boxes can be filled according to outfits and simply put straight from the suitcase into the closet at the holiday destination.

An alternative are trunks with built-in compartments. Garrison recommends them for longer trips with many stopovers because you don't have to take out every piece of clothing. Trunks are also useful if you want to store many other things such as books and toys in addition to clothes. The individual compartments help to keep track.

8. Emergency items in hand luggage

If the suitcase is lost on the flight, the hand luggage should be equipped for emergencies. The airline will then reimburse necessary emergency purchases to a certain extent, but it's better to be prepared: Garrison recommends packing underwear, a few cosmetic items and a warming large scarf. Valuables and electronics such as a camera or laptop belong in your hand luggage anyway, the same applies to medicines.

Important to know: All spare batteries, including lithium metal or lithium ion cells or batteries, must not be in the case. I need you in the cabin. The Frankfurt airport operator Fraport points this out.

9. Secure with luggage strap and TSA lock

Hard cases should be secured with a luggage strap or belt, advises Garrison. So they don't suddenly jump open if the lock is defective. Another idea is to have your suitcase wrapped in foil at the airport for a fee ("wrapping"). This also protects it from dirt and scratches.

A TSA lock on the suitcase prevents the luggage from being forced open during security checks. In Germany, for example, security service providers commissioned by the Federal Police open suitcases if there is a suspicion of prohibited items, explains a Fraport spokesman. You then use a master key with TSA locks. According to the lock manufacturer Travel Sentry, 55 countries and 650 airports worldwide use this standard from the American transport security authority, which is marked with a red diamond.

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