While the Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, declared that he was taking “the cause of the school to Matignon” with him, the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, visited the Parisian Blanche school (9th arrondissement) on Friday April 5, intends to show that he maintains control over this subject, established as one of the great causes of his second five-year term.

“This trip is an extension of the course set by the President of the Republic to change the face of our public school,” explained the Elysée. A transformation that he wishes to pursue for a school of demanding knowledge, a school of learning civics and authority and an active school which ensures the well-being and emancipation of everyone. »

The Head of State spoke with an autism elementary education unit (UEEA) class, then visited the LAB9A, an academic training laboratory aimed at better inclusion of students with autistic disorders, located in the same establishment . On this occasion, he took the opportunity to confirm the implementation of the reform of primary school teacher training, announced more than a year ago and the details of which were awaited. “We are going to open licenses to prepare for school teaching from the next school year,” declared the president.

“We will then give direct access to a master’s degree. And we are going to make our masters the normal schools of the 21st century. There, the idea is that we will have people who will enroll from post-baccalaureate, we will immediately train them in basic learning and then [we will have] a very professionalized M1, M2 which will be paid,” he said.

Later, in front of the press, the Head of State confirmed that the competition would take place “at the end of the license”, at the bac 3 level, rather than at the master level today, and that future teachers of the second level will also be affected by a competition at the end of the license.

The reform, as presented in the ministry’s working document entitled “Normal schools of the 21st century. Training and recruitment strategy for future teachers”, planned to bring forward the competitions to the end of the third year of the license for future school teachers (first level) and those of middle and high schools (second level). This project thus challenges the 2022 reform, decided under Mr. Macron’s first five-year term, which had moved the exams from the end of the first year of the master’s degree to the end of the second year. The ministry was also considering setting up master’s training under civil service status for the successful candidates, who would be paid 1,400 euros net per month from the first year and 1,800 euros net the second. Validation of the bac 5 diploma would remain necessary to become a holder.