The Challenges of Recovery from Addiction

Are you thinking about enrolling your loved one for a rehabilitation program?

The Challenges of Recovery from Addiction

Are you thinking about enrolling your loved one for a rehabilitation program? Well, nobody would wish to have their loved ones suffer addiction. You would think that rehabilitation is the best step to take. Whether you or your loved one has to go through this journey, there are inevitable challenges. As you take the step, therefore, you should be prepared to face these challenges and handle them right:

1.     Withdrawal effects

This is the greatest challenge that any addict survivor will tell you is keeping them away from drugs again. It is not a pleasant feeling. Withdrawal is simply the sudden stop to drug intake. Since the body is so used to drugs, one is likely to get the withdrawal effects. Some of the common effects include headache, nausea, vomiting, sleep problems, loss of appetite, and many more. During the early stages of the recovery journey, one is likely to feel sick on the better part of their days. It, however, fades away with time.

2.     Handling life issues without drugs

Not every drug user got into drugs for fun. Over 60% use drugs to help them forget about the problems that they have in life. For instance, when an individual has recurrent rejection, he or she will feel that nobody loves or understands them. Since there is nothing much they can do about such situations, most of them end up taking drugs to give them a break from the rejection thoughts.

Enrolling for a rehab program does not change the fact that the individual has some life problems. Since the only way known to the individual is to take drugs for a break, the person will suffer without drugs. He or she has now to deal with the problem without taking drugs. This is a great battle, although it can always be won.

3.     Developing new relationships

The recovery for your patients can only be possible if they got new relationships. The old relationships will only drag them back to drugs. This is why in most rehab centers, patients are denied access to their phones for some time to cut the link they had with the addicts before joining the rehab.

The problem comes when now they are forced to build new relationships with sober people or other rehab mates. It is never easy since the patients tend to have trust issues regarding sober people. Therefore, sober family members are mandated to show them care and love to tap into healthy relationships.

4.     Redefining life

When one gets into addiction, in most cases, they lose the sense of living. The only thing that makes sense to them is drugs. Recovering from addiction can be very demanding when it comes to finding a new purpose in life.

Nothing seems to make sense, especially once the rehab program is completed. It is like starting life again. Well, your patients should focus on the new hobbies that get exercised in the rehab. You should also assist them in getting jobs so that they can be busy always.

5.     Boredom

Recovery for your patients comes along with boredom, especially when done through a rehab program. An addicted person is never exposed to a given schedule. They do what they feel like at any given point and take drugs without measure.

The addict is kept into a schedule that has to be followed. For instance, there is a specific time for meals, games, workouts, and many more programs. This becomes very boring during the recovery journey.

Recovery from addiction needs focus of the patient to make it happen. It also needs some gesture of care and love as well as a sense of direction from the loved ones of the patient.

Date Of Update: 20 August 2020, 14:31

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