The cultural choices of the "Point": celebrate the book in Nice or find Jean-Louis Murat?

</p></p>Among them, Enki Bilal (projection meeting at L'Artistique, June 3, at 2:30 p

The cultural choices of the "Point": celebrate the book in Nice or find Jean-Louis Murat?

Among them, Enki Bilal (projection meeting at L'Artistique, June 3, at 2:30 p.m., with Christophe Ono-dit-Biot, deputy editorial director of Le Point and guest author), Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Virginie Grimaldi, Douglas Kennedy, Andrei Makine and Christiane Rancé. Philippe Besson, winner of the Nice Baie des Anges prize for this 27th edition, will also be there, as will comedian-writers Marie-Christine Barrault, Philippe Torreton, Patrick Chesnais, Murielle Mayette-Holtz (at the TNN kiosk where The Trial will be held by Charlotte Corday) for highly anticipated readings, and also the mischievous star of children's literature Susie Morgenstern.

Nice Book Festival, from June 2 to 4, 2023, all places with free access, program and information to be found here.

And for the evenings? Rap with Black M, Alonzo and Soolking on Friday June 2, pyrotechnic show on Saturday June 3 and closing Sunday, it's going to dance with the Grand Baleti of the Cité de la Musique de Marseille (place d'Armes), the Grand Bal raï (court of the order), the hip-hop ball with the 6th Dimension company (terrace J4). But this is only a temporary closure since, until June 2024, ten major events will punctuate the museum's program from the opening of the "Fashion Folklore" exhibition to "Images of the Mediterranean" in one year. , in blue mirror of a beautiful museum adventure.

The 10th anniversary of the Mucem, from June 2 to 4, 2023 and until June 2024. Information and contacts on

Seven years after the moving 120 Beats per minute (Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017) which told the daily life of Act up-Paris activists during the dark years of AIDS, Bertrand Campillo is back with L'Île rouge . The director, who lived as a child in Madagascar, on the 181 military base of Ivato where his father was a non-commissioned officer, immerses us in the early 1970s in the reality of a French presence still marked by persistent colonialism. Through his child's gaze, both naive and lucid, curious and dreamy, Campillo recounts the daily life of the base, a sort of island within an island, the brutality of the army, the relationships between adults who live almost confined, fear, love. His hiding place, where he likes to kill time away from the dampness of the garden, is like a control tower, from where he can study the sensations, the lights, the disputes, the doubts, the joys, the birth of feelings... Punctuated with dreamlike vignettes featuring Fantômette, heroine of the Nights of Little Robin, L'Île rouge is an ode to childhood, and to the ambivalences of nostalgia.

The Red Island, by Robin Campillo. Indoors.

By an astonishing coincidence, and as if to salute his prolific work, the record company Pias published, on May 26, a compilation of Jean-Louis Murat, who died the day before. The sober title, Best of (1981-2021), salutes a long-term work, spanning forty years. Murat was a conscientious and inspired craftsman, capable of recording an album a year, which was the rhythm of his last days. The majority of the songs compiled here, however, date from the period 1989 (Cheyenn Autumn) to 2004 (A Bird on a Poire), undoubtedly the most accessible of the Auvergnat. The proof with some delicate nuggets gathered in this disc, such as "Roman Crowd", "At Mount Sans-Souci", "Keep You Close to Me", "The Fallen Angel"... Murat died on May 25, he was still living the 26th.

Best of (1981-2021) Jean-Louis Murat, Pias, May 2023, €18.99.

The Haitians Makenzy Orcel, Guy Régis Jr, Louis-Philippe Dalembert, Jean D'Amérique, James Noël, Philomé Robert, to name a few, will thus dialogue on the theme of memory with Gisèle Sapiro, Jean-Michel Espitallier, Julien Delmaire, Nadia Yala Kisukidi, Gael Octavia, Jean-Luc Raharimanana. We will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the publishing house Mémoire d'encrier, and the art of storytelling, with Jude Joseph and Muriel Bloch. A poetic and musical evening will close the event which puts Haiti back at the heart of the world of letters.

Haiti Monde, shared memory, Goutte d'Or district, Paris 18th, from June 1 to 4, 2023, detailed program of the event to be found here.