The Essential Tools to Get Started in Carpentry

Working in carpentry necessitates that you have the correct tools for the job

The Essential Tools to Get Started in Carpentry

Working in carpentry necessitates that you have the correct tools for the job. Some of these are obvious, but there are also more obscure and specialised equipment now that technology has developed within the industry. When you’re assembling a set of tools, it’s important to balance cost against utility as you prepare yourself for a project or career. Below, we explore the essential tools you’ll need to get started in carpentry.

What is carpentry?

So what exactly do carpenters do? The profession largely involves working with wood. On an average day work could include: cutting and shaping timber; building entire interiors for houses, restaurants or businesses; fitting kitchens and assembling structures like stairways; and designing things such as floorboards. It involves physical labour as well as the intelligence to measure and conceptualise distances and shapes.

What are the essential tools?

Tools for framing and cladding homes

Different jobs require different sets of tools. For framing and cladding homes you’ll need to start with some of the basics. A tape measure, a level, a square, a hammer and a tool belt all require little investment but will form the basis of your preparation as you measure distances and ensure that the wood being used is smooth. You will need some more powerful equipment too though. A circular saw will enable you to efficiently trim and cut wood, as well as produce rounded cuts too.

Hand tools for carpentry

There’s a little overlap with the tools here. A tape measure and a tool belt will always be staples for any woodworking job. But there are some additional tools too. You’ll need a pencil for a start, to mark down measurements before cutting the wood. Wood chisels are another key tool. They allow you clean out joints and any errant cuts that the saw has made in the wood. Nail pullers will be necessary too, if you need to make any alterations after hammering in a nail.

Essential power tools

For carpenters, some projects will require efficient cutting or large materials. This would be painful with ordinary tools, but power tools make this process much simpler. A Milwaukee drill set can ensure that you can quickly make holes in many materials. Meanwhile, there are all manner of different saws to help you rapidly and accurately chop materials down to size. Invest in extension cords too so that you’re never restricted for space.

Starting out as a carpenter will require an initial outlay on a set of tools. Make sure that you work out what your project will need and buy accordingly. By following the above advice you can assemble the appropriate tools for your job.

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