The Gospel according to Metin Arditi

</p></p>Metin Arditi does not lack audacity

The Gospel according to Metin Arditi

Metin Arditi does not lack audacity. Or talent to rewrite the life of Jesus (decidedly, this is the trend after The Gospel of the New World, by Maryse Condé, and I am Jesus, by Giosuè Calaciura). The Gospel according to Metin is called The Bastard of Nazareth and has its source in the research of historian Daniel Marguerat concluding that Jesus is a bastard child.

It does not take less for the storyteller Arditi to lead us to his version: child of a rape, Jesus suffers from the ostracization of the mamzer, (bastard in Hebrew) by Jewish law, which also affects his mother, Mary . Brilliant teenager, he revolts in front of the doctors of the law. And will lead a fight against all types of exclusion, facilitated by his gifts as a healer. It would not be necessary to say much more about the key scenes of the course revisited by the imagination of Arditi.

His book is written in a sober language allowing to flourish and savor all the surprises of a Jesus caressing the body of his companion, Mary of Magdala, of a rebel who can fly into a rage against the interpretation of religion so far away of “You shall love your neighbor as yourself”… And if Jesus had become the Christ because of a childhood wound?

“The Bastard of Nazareth”, by Metin Arditi (Grasset, 198 p., €19).

Leemage via AFP – JF PAGA/Editions Grasset