The most important aspects to take into account when playing in an escape room

The most important aspects to take into account when playing in an escape room

Have you ever asked yourself "what are fun things to do near me?" If you ask us, we'd answer a few things. But since we don't know your situation, allow us to come up with our favorite answer, playing in an escape room! The game 'Escape Room' has become popular recently. This type of game requires you to solve a puzzle in a limited and short amount of time in order to escape from the room. This activity is certainly fun because it requires teamwork and a great level of focus. Often the game 'Escape Room' requires logical thinking to solve the puzzle hidden in it.

Below we will inform and advise you on the most important aspects to take into account when playing in an escape room.

Number of players

Depending on the escape game venue you go to, you will find that the number of players can vary. Why? The explanation is simple, two people are necessary to solve the different types of enigmas that may be in the room, and it is possible that at some point in the game it is necessary for the two participants to join their mental forces for challenges or puzzles. That there is a maximum number of people is also reasonable, since there is a limitation of space. We consider that the perfect number of players to play comfortably without bothering each other and that the development of the game is more enjoyable for each one of them, is 3 - 4 people.

It is true that there are times when the same game evolves to accommodate another participant, this is because more tests will have been added so that everyone who plays is immersed in the story and continues to have fun without feeling lagged.

However, the decision of who to come to play with in pairs or in groups of maximum 5 people is entirely up to you. The escape room market knows the advantages of being small groups but that does not mean that if you are five people you are going to get bored. Not much less!

Players age

In most escape rooms there are no proper age limits, anyone can enter, but it is true that children from 8 years old begin to count as a player because they are already aware of what they are. They are often the most daring to look under beds and in places that an adult would bend over little by little.

Some games are designed for an adult audience, due to the level of some of the tests, but in some of the adventures children can access as part of the group. They will be able to solve certain enigmas and in the rest they will be able to contribute ideas. So children between 8 and 17 years old can play without any problem, as long as they are accompanied by at least one adult, who will be part of the team.

Why do we like escape games so much?

The answer is very simple. Because if we remove the danger, fear is downright fun. If we remove the danger itself (that is, if we are in a safe environment) our physiological reaction is very funny. In addition, overcoming a stressful situation leaves us with a feeling of self-confidence that never hurts to go up from time to time.

Why do we forget how good we are?

When we speak of danger, it is not only physical danger that is usually most associated with fear. Being in danger means being tied to a situation that can end with fatal consequences. That is why escape rooms are so attractive, since it is an activity that breaks the schemes of houses of terror or those activities that demand physical dexterity, providing a quite realistic environment and makes you feel in a situation from the first moment.

In most escape games, the objective to be achieved entails a supposed responsibility of great magnitude, that is why all of you who have ever played an escape room, even more so, if it is any of the ones you have at your disposal. Finally, you will agree with us that it is a highly addictive activity.

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