The new Trends for garden and balcony

The new Trends for garden and balcony

The first summer temperatures, we have already behind us. Because of the Corona-crisis, much else remained but to enjoy the balcony, the garden or the terrace.

beach holidays are likely to remain this summer for many only a dream – and after Easter we will be ascension and Pentecost instead of on the lake Maggiore or on the island of Crete on the balcony to spend.

in Great demand at the dealer

to invest In these little positive Outlook on the outdoor season it may be, therefore, something more in the Open-Air living room.

That said, it seems that many people in Switzerland, as Timon Kobel of Hunn garden furniture, on request, of VIEW told: "The demand was with us in the last couple of weeks the weather is very large due to the already, in spite of the closing of our store due to the Coronavirus. We had a lot of Online orders, and our Chat for advice was actively used."

Extended Outdoor living room

In regards to the latest Trends, Timon Kobel said: "The Trend to the extended Outdoor living space stops." The shows this year at the latest garden and patio furniture from the various manufacturers and dealers, or also on Instagram.

The Trends in the outdoor area are currently quite similar in the inner region. Optical sets, or Outdoor in some of the Lounges, dining Table carpets is hardly any more of a difference to the indoor area. The materials and substances are but the outer area according to weather-resistant. High-quality upholstery made to keep rain and dry quickly. Laborious to Supply the upholstery is obsolete.

Woven textiles and the woven design in different materials such as ropes or knitted webungen with chairs and Loungers, and garden chairs with strings or rounded and more subtle forms of offer this year as well, various manufacturers. In the colors of grey dominate the palette. In addition, trendy colours from pastel to bright for summer accents but. "The Trend also combinations of grey garden but furniture and an accent colour, for example in the Form of a colored chair," explains Timon Kobel.

accessories such as pillows and lanterns create a cosy feel-good ambience in the outdoor area. In addition, the practical and decorative, the materials are fashionable tables, as we know it from the inside areas, also Outdoor. Also carpets and rugs for the outdoor area in the Trend. The turf carpet has definitely served its purpose and can be replaced by a trendy carpet on the balcony or the terrace.

Freshen up with accessories and plants

Also, anyone who has only a small Budget available, you can fix up the balcony or the terrace for the summer season stylish. Instead of buying new furniture, wood furniture be painted in a trendy color, or new upholstery or seat cushions can provide a fresh and modern Look.

Also belong to the affordable classics hammocks. There is hardly anything more Relaxing than a shade in the hammock, relax and unwind. Strings of lights, or decorative lanterns for the garden or the balcony are also no expensive purchases. They provide mood lighting on warm summer nights.

What may be missing in no case, are flowers and plants. Depending on the place of palm trees, olive trees and Bougainvillea bring a Mediterranean atmosphere in the Swiss gardens or on the balcony. Space saving can be installed instead of the pots on the ground, flower boxes with summer flowers on the balcony railing. So on is determined on the balcony and in the garden a holiday mood and summer feeling.

how to care for your succulents

makes Quite the opposite of some other plants, where the high temperatures could cause difficulties, the heat of the summer, your succulents a little. However, even with these easy-care plants, it is important to note a few things.

biodiversity on the balcony

you must have no forest to do something for the diversity of species. Rare and endangered wild bees, you can also promote on the balcony or window sill, a few pots of flowers will suffice. What is important is what you approaches. The Homepage of Future Planter helps. After a few clicks and already you can see that wild bee species occur in the vicinity of your own residence, what plants like this, and in what nursery to get them.

These 7 plants are bought easy to care for

A new Plant and after only a few days it is there again? It happens to the Best. These flowers are also suitable for garden Dummies.

Article Source: The Local Tree Experts

Date Of Update: 13 August 2020, 13:40

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