Things must do in Sikkim to achieve a Lifetime experience

For a longer period of time, North-eastern states of India have been neglected, and no one knows why

Things must do in Sikkim to achieve a Lifetime experience

For a longer period of time, North-eastern states of India have been neglected, and no one knows why? But today, people are showing their interest in visiting North-east at the first place. Out of 7 states that are even called sister states, Sikkim has some of the phenomenal landscape, hills, mountains, valleys, and everything you can name.

Sikkim is blessed with an abundance of Natural beauty, and the less exposure of the place has kept these natural wonders intact and untouched, or to simply say, to its original form. Set in the foothill of Eastern Himalayan, Sikkim makes a perfect tourist destination, and one cannot help but fall in love with its landscapes. There are many places that one can discover in Sikkim, but to take the easier route, it is best to go for Sikkim Tourism. All you need to do is to enjoy while the tour packages making things easier for you.

There stay numerous things that one can only see and experience in Sikkim, and if you are planning your trip to this beautiful state, make sure to add this list of experienceson your list. Out of many that, we are sharing some of the experiences that you shouldn’t let go.

·Visiting Monasteries

Monasteries make a very special part of Sikkim, and there are almost 200 monasteries that you can witness throughout your tour.  The best part about monasteries is that they present a unique combination of beauty and peace that is hard to find in any man-made creation. You can visit these monasteries, offer your prayer, and get your soul soothed in the tranquil atmosphere. Out of all these monasteries, Rumtek Monastery is the most famous. It is located 23 kilometers from Gangtok.

·Bike tour from Gangtok to Darjeeling

Many visiting Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim, takes a bike tour to Darjeeling, a state in West Bengal. If you have that adventurer soul, make sure to take this tour up. This tour is not about showing your speed of covering a distance, but about inhaling the beauty of scenic view while you are riding. This is the best way to indulge in the beauty and forgetting what the modern world has offered you. Gel up with locals, eat and drink at small stalls you find in your route and take every bit of this Mountain life. This experience will surely be unmatched.

·Teesta River Rafting

River rafting is gaining a lot of popularity in recent days for being an amazing adventurous sport, and Sikkim host one of the best in the entire country. River Teesta and the tributary Rangeet offers the best routes for river rafting. This will be one of the best experiences of your entire life. Make your way by cutting the water and live through it.

·Flora and Fauna Sanctuaries

Sikkim is known for keeping its Flora and Fauna in the best way. Every place is known for the type of flora and fauna it possesses in terms of understanding its geographical and climatic factors. Sikkim is rich when it comes to flora and fauna and the dense forest has been known to house many different types of these. One can find over 450 species of birds, 450 varieties of orchids, 400 species of butterflies, and 40 species of rhododendron. The state is heaven for nature lover and worshipper.

So, these are some of the experiences that you can only achieve in Sikkim and once you do, there is no way you will forget them.

Date Of Update: 19 June 2018, 10:23

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