Thoughts by International Interior Designer Annette Frommer on redesigning your home before selling

Thoughts by International Interior Designer Annette Frommer on redesigning your home before selling

I can honestly say that homes that have been refurbished and updated will probably sell a lot faster than a home that needs a lot of work done. This is obviously true unless a buyer is looking for a home that is a ‘fixer upper’, a home that is totally outdated as far as design goes, and in need of many crucial repairs. In such a case the buyer is looking for an inexpensive home and has probably time on his hands to deal with all the work that awaits him.

Most homebuyers, however, want to remodel as little as possible when they purchase a new home and are probably quite disenchanted with the idea of embarking on the redesign or remodel of a home that they just purchased. They most likely have no idea where to start, nor do they have the time and energy for such a huge undertaking.

A seller on the other hand, is interested in getting as much as possible for his property, and for this reason he has the incentive and the drive to invest both time and money in a renovation even if a slight renovation, in order to make his home more attractive to potential buyers.

There are many things that can be done that are not too expensive, but that can definitely provide that competitive edge when compared to other homes. You need to stand out from the other homes in your neighborhood that are on the market at the same time and by spending on a renovation you do exactly that.

Working with a professional and experienced team can be fast and efficient.

By redesigning the main living space and/or kitchen you will ensure that the price received is top-notch!. The kitchen especially tends to be a great selling point since kitchens today are the place where we spend most of our time. We cook in the kitchen of course, we congregate around a kitchen table for family gatherings, we have our meals there and today we even work in the kitchen. Replacing or even refreshing the cabinets, changing the countertop, or adding a backsplash can be the way to go.

A small, refurbished kitchen!

Who wouldn’t want to move into a home with a brand-new kitchen?

As for bathrooms, these are probably the least appealing rooms of a used home. They are usually moldy, ugly, and totally outdated. No one wants to move into a home with old bathrooms. Remember, the bathroom is a precious place. It’s where you spend your alone time. Functionality of course is so important but if you really want to ‘wow’ a potential client then remodeling the main master bathroom can be the thing to do. You can embellish a bathroom with various luxurious elements that will steal the show. You can add a lavish chandelier for that glam feel.  You can use marble- like flooring that is easy to care for but that offers beauty and sophistication.   Fresh paint and new cabinets in light colors will enhance the size of the space. An inviting new bathroom can be a real asset for any apartment or home on the market.

However, if you are looking to do something small here are a few ideas.  You can replace door handles and cabinet knobs. You can throw away those old and rusty faucets and get new sleek ones. You can repaint the entire home, or only those rooms that desperately need a fresh coat of paint.  You can change the entrance door to your home. 

Light fixtures too are especially important and can be so decorative. Lighting has a direct impact on how we perceive a room and how we feel in it. It really does control the mood of a space. By changing some of the more obvious light fixtures in your home, you can definitely provide added value and raise the price of your home.  Changing all the flooring can also provide a face lift to your property.

A quaint light fixture and mirror were added to give the space a chic look

The idea is to make to make the entire home feel updated and beautiful without a crazy amount of expenditure.  Doing any of the above discussed home upgrades will definitely pay off and ensure that you get the best price possible for your old home, as it welcomes a family for new and happy memories.

Date Of Update: 07 September 2023, 18:01