Tips for any time: How to survive the hot days

The high temperatures are causing problems for many.

Tips for any time: How to survive the hot days

The high temperatures are causing problems for many. But even really hot days can be survived quite well with a little preparation. These tips for a day with temperatures well over 30 degrees in the shade will help from morning to night.

4am - watering plants for early risers

If you want to do something good for plants, you should get up early on hot days. The ground is coldest before sunrise. But of course watering a few hours later still makes sense. what about the evening Then the ground is still heated up by the sunshine all day long, and a lot of moisture evaporates. However, Isabelle Van Groeningen from the Royal Garden Academy in Berlin says: if in doubt, water directly if plants hang their heads.

6 a.m. - windows open!

You should air the room early in the morning, and not too briefly. Because walls, furniture and other objects store heat, according to the North Rhine-Westphalia consumer advice center. If they cannot cool down in the morning, they give off their heat to the room during the course of the day.

The windows should remain closed during the day. It also helps to darken the windows. If you have the choice, you should choose external shade providers such as roller shutters and awnings. If you stay in the house or apartment during the day, you should air it regularly.

6.30am - The morning shower

Especially after a muggy night, a refreshing shower is part of the morning ritual for many. But: It is often said that if you take a cold shower on a hot day, you will sweat even more afterwards. Is that actually true? Yes, said Maja Hofmann, specialist in dermatology. "Cold showers in midsummer are counterproductive." Because the cold water initially lowers the body temperature. "But if you go outside, you sweat more than before because your body raises the temperature again to adapt to the environment," explains Hofmann. In midsummer, it actually makes more sense not to shower below body temperature.

7 o'clock - The dog round

On hot days, owners should not push their dog too hard. "It's usually enough to go for a walk in the morning and in the evening," says Ariane Ullrich from the Professional Association of Dog Educators and Behavioral Advisors e.V. You can also skip a visit to the dog school if it's in the blazing sun lies.

Scissors may help dogs with thick fur: "It can be a great relief to shear the dog," says Ullrich. "This is especially true for old and weakened dogs."

8 a.m. - Bike to work

If you ride your pedelec to work in the morning, you should park the e-bike in a place that is as shady as possible. Because high heat has a bad effect on the service life of pedelec batteries over time, explains the expert organization Dekra. It is best to remove the battery and store it in a cool place. And before cyclists recharge a heated battery, it is better to let it cool down first.

10am - Cool down the office

Anyone who buys a mobile air conditioner for their office as a freelancer or self-employed person can claim the expenses for tax purposes. If the device does not cost more than 800 euros, the expenses immediately reduce the tax burden, explains the Berlin-Brandenburg Association of Tax Advisors. With acquisition costs of up to 1000 euros net, it can be written off over a period of five years. Otherwise, the tax benefit is generally distributed over eleven years based on the useful life.

Air conditioning can also be worthwhile from a tax point of view for the home office. For example, if only the study is cooled, the costs can be added to the income-related expenses.

11 am - Short refreshment break

A cucumber and basil lemonade provides a delicious refreshment. For four glasses you need a peeled cucumber, 8 to 10 basil leaves, the juice of one lemon, 2 to 3 tablespoons honey, mineral water, ice cubes. Peel three quarters of the cucumber and finely puree in a blender. Slice the remaining cucumber and divide between four glasses. Squeeze the lemon, put the juice in the blender with the honey and the basil leaves and puree again.

Then divide into four glasses and top up with fresh mineral water. Serve with ice cubes. But be careful: Drinks should not be too cold either. The body then has to produce more heat to even out the temperature. Prof. Frank Kolligs, chief physician for internal medicine and gastroenterology at the Helios Klinikum Berlin-Buch, recommends lukewarm peppermint tea instead.

1 p.m. - Measures against the heat at work

If the thermometer at the workplace shows temperatures of 26 degrees and more, the employer should do something. And from 30 degrees he even has to, explains the Initiative New Quality of Work (INQA) with reference to the technical rules for workplaces. Employers can, for example, provide drinks to combat the heat in the office, temporarily introduce flextime or relax the dress code. However, employees only have a chance of being free from the heat if the temperature in a room is more than 35 degrees.

2 p.m. - Put your smartphone in the shade

Leave your smartphone on the terrace in the heat? Not a good idea! Many electronic devices cannot tolerate high temperatures. The telecommunications portal points this out.

In addition to the battery, other components can also be damaged. If the temperatures are too high, safety devices on the batteries can also take effect and battery fluids can leak out. This may damage the device and render the batteries unusable. That is why power banks and electronic devices are better protected from sunlight and are not left in the warm summer car.

5 p.m. - Drive home with the car window open

Phew, the day in the office or the shift at the assembly line are over. If you now have a car with air conditioning, however, you should not "deep freeze" the interior immediately after getting in. First, let out the pent-up heat. And on short journeys at low speeds, such as in the city, motorists are better off opening their windows in the summer, advises TÜV Süd. Because the air conditioning does not help at distances of a few kilometers.

Otherwise, the following applies: Drivers should not set a difference of more than eight degrees between the outside temperature and the interior of the car when it is hot. Because otherwise, according to TÜV Thüringen, there is a risk of colds or problems with the cardiovascular system.

7 p.m. - Quickly mow the lawn

If it is too hot, you should refrain from mowing the lawn. Not in general, but at certain times of the day. Because at temperatures above 30 degrees, the floor dries out far too quickly, according to the experts at the Cologne DIY Academy. Therefore, this work is better done in the cooler evening hours. Warning: too late is not good either. Lawn mowers may no longer be used in residential areas between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m.

8 p.m. - The drink after work

At the garden party or at a nice get-together on the balcony: now a glass of wine or beer! Refreshing and delicious. But: The Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) warns that alcohol has a faster and more intense effect when it is hot. If you overdo it, you risk circulatory problems and even unconsciousness.

The high temperatures also remove fluid from the body - you sweat. Alcohol loses more minerals from the body. This can make it easier to get heat stroke.

10 p.m. - The shower in the evening

The same applies here as for the shower in the morning - it is better not to take a shower that is too cold so that you don't sweat too much afterwards.

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